December Project Spotlight | Movement and Dance

This month we’re highlighting storytelling through movement. These movement-makers are sharing lived experiences and imaginative stories with their audiences, allowing them to see a piece of themselves in the art.

NON (The new, the old and the now) is an emerging artistic collective led by dancer and choreographer Davide Di Giovanni. This collaborative project will involve site specific performances, bringing new life, new art and new stories to the Australian dance community.

Donations will be used to fund the development and execution of the first live performances of NON.




Aiming to educate audiences and open hearts and minds to what is possible, InsideOutside dance are presenting ‘Embrace.’ Starring 9 talented artists with disabilities, the production takes audiences on a journey to share what life is like living with a disability. The team have their sights set on taking the show to Adelaide Fringe and Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2023.

Donations will be used for travel costs, costumes and lighting equipment.




Forest Collective is a not-for-profit artist collective focusing on contemporary classical music, dance, and collaboration. Gearing up for 2023, the team have new collaborations, new music and creative choreography celebrating movement in the works. Their new season will launch in January 2023 with a special collaboration for Midsumma Festival.

Donations will go towards creating new productions alongside new interpretations of existing work.