ACF First-Timers Kit

New to the ACF? Start here! This is your first-timers kit, designed to have you ready to fundraise before you can spell ACF backwards.

The animation below covers the key processes involved in using the ACF, from start to finish. For more detailed info, check out our FAQs.

You might be wondering:

  • Am I eligible to raise money through the ACF?
    To be eligible to register a project you must:
    be a practising artist or group of artists or a not-for-profit arts or cultural organisation;
    be engaged in arts and cultural activities;
    plan to use the gift (funds) for the designated purposes; and
    plan to use the gift (funds) within Australia or for the benefit of Australia.


  • Where should I start?
    Read through our FAQs. our ACF handbookthe A-Z of ACF and watch the ACF FAQ video series before you make a start.  If you have a fundraising strategy and a solid plan of attack, whether short and simple or long-term and involved, you are more likely to reach your target.





  • How long does it take to get my project approved?
    Projects are generally approved within 3 business days.



  • What happens to donations if my project doesn’t reach its target?
    You keep what you raise!


  • Are there any fees charged on donations to the ACF?
    The ACF is free to use. 5% of donations are retained for administration costs, and your donors can elect to cover this cost when they donate. Find out more here.


  • Can philanthropic trusts, foundations and Private Ancillary Funds give through the ACF?


  • Can I give or receive any form of (tangible or material) benefit in exchange for an ACF donation? 
    No. The ACF is not a rewards-based fundraising platform. Your donors receive a tax-deductible receipt and as such cannot receive a tangible benefit. More about that here.


  • How do I get the money once a supporter donates? How long does it take? 
    Once your campaign has ended and you’ve completed your acquittal, around four weeks. Find more info about this process here.


  • What’s tax-deductibility?
    Watch this video.


  • Can Creative Partnerships Australia auspice my project? 
    No. We can receive your donations but not auspice (manage) your funds or project.

Still have questions? 

All our FAQs are here. Don’t forget to read the trusty ACF handbookthe A-Z of ACF and watch the ACF FAQ video series, a library of videos of commonly asked questions, designed to start you on your ACF journey.

For more information about payments, invoicing and acquittals, read this blog post.

If you’d like to make a time to chat with the ACF team by phone, please contact us, including your availability for a 15-minute discussion.

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Happy campaigning!