Creative Australia FAQs

As the Minister for the Arts confirmed in his election commitment in the October 2022 Budget, on 1 July 2023, Creative Partnerships Australia transferred to the Australia Council for the Arts. This transfer included CPA’s funding, staff and functions, including the ACF to Australia Council (soon to be named Creative Australia).

Please note that all functionality of the ACF will remain the same – including the ACF website, the way you set up your fundraising campaign and receive donations through this. And as always, your ACF Manager Tracy, and ACF Officer, Felicia are here to help with any queries!

We’ve included some of the key FAQs for the transfer below with a full list available here.


Q. Which Australian Cultural Fund functions are changing part of the transition?

Administration of the Australian Cultural Fund (ACF) was transferred to the Australia Council for the Arts on 1 July 2023. The ACF functions have remained the same.


Q. Will Australian Cultural Fund have DGR (Deductible Gift Recipient) status?

Donors can continue to claim a tax deduction on donations made through the Australian Cultural Fund. 


Q. What will happen to the Australian Cultural Fund website?

The Australian Cultural Fund website remains the same so you can still access this via If you have an existing account, you can continue to use the same login details.


Q. Will my donation still be granted to my preferred project?

All your donations will still go towards your preferred project. 


Q. My projects finished on June 30 2023, when will I receive my funds?

The grant process will remain the same. If your project finished in June, you would have received an email in early July letting you know that your grant is ready to accept.


Q. If my tax receipt is/was issued by Creative Partnerships Australia, is it still valid?

Your receipts are still valid after 1 July 2023 so you will be able to claim your donation. 


Please note: these FAQs are a work in progress. Check back for updates or send your questions to