Artist profile | Karen Revie

Tasmanian visual artist Karen Revie was a recipient of Creative Partnerships Australia‘s 2016 Match program and used the Australian Cultural Fund to fundraise for the presentation of #MATCHstick Projects 2016, a suite of artistic projects by visual and performance artists for Launceston’s Streets Alive@The Precinct arts festival.

Karen focused on the strong support from local arts bodies and private businesses in her MATCH campaign to attract further donations, and raised $10,650 from a combination of individual donors and corporate partners. With the incentive of matched funding of $10,000 from us, a number of these relationships are continuing beyond the life of the project.

Participating in MATCH helped Karen with her fundraising, project management, marketing and budget management skills.

“MATCH funding enabled our artistic team to deliver a dynamic suite of projects and was a valuable professional development opportunity for the multiple artists involved. Our team continues to develop relationships with current and potential sponsors, with the aim of building long-term financial sustainability, individually and collectively,” she said.

MATCH Lab is Creative Partnerships Australia’s dollar for dollar matched funding program for independent artists and artistic groups.  Through their fundraising efforts, the support they receive from donors and matched funding from Creative Partnerships, independent artists from around Australia are able to build their  careers and create new art for audiences to enjoy. Find out more about MATCH Lab.