February Project Spotlight | Going Digital

The last couple of years have paved the path for digital innovation in the arts sector. This month we’re turning the spotlight on creators who are exploring this digital sphere and creating online spaces that connect people with arts and culture.


‘Dither_’ is a mobile phone application that will surface, detail, and connect all art exhibitions being staged across NSW. Dither_’s mission is to reboot legacy artworld networks with collective digital spaces to help generate new art audiences within inclusive communities of practice. The app aims to grant Australians the agency to be real-time players in the arts community and provide a digital forum for open and robust (art) world conversations.

Donations will be used to cover the salaries of the development team.




‘The Production Portal’ is a multifaceted project with the mission to create a new industry movement in the form of an online platform, solely developed to benefit the Film + TV Community. The portal will be a safe space for industry recruitment, a place to broaden skills, source reputable training, and an opportunity for us all to take time out and seek solace through wellness methods.

Donations will be used to resource the website rollout and begin development of the training roadmap.





The ‘Australian Digital Concert Hall’ (ADCH) was created to connect and support Australian artists and audiences through music and technology. Launched in 2020, they have presented 1000 live concerts and generated $3,000,000 in income for musicians. Audience members purchase a ticket to enjoy a high-quality live-streamed concert, the full ticket price is passed to the artists, with a modest booking fee to keep the cameras rolling.

Donations will be used to cover overheads, marketing and to support industry personnel.