Donor profile | Beck Pope

The success of ACF artists and their campaigns is in no small part due to the many and varied ACF donors who support them. In the first of our series highlighting ACF donors, we spoke with the delightful Beck Pope about what makes her tick, why she loves supporting ACF artists and why art matters.

Beck says…
For me art is life. From an early age, feeling the freedom and the abstract possibilities in the artistic process elicited an ongoing love affair, in which, through working in the arts, I am surrounded by this diverse creativity, also inspiring me to pursue my own creative endeavours.

Paint or Photoshop?
Photoshop because I am a computer geek at heart.

Cheese or chocolate?
Cheese then chocolate please. A good book or a good movie? I really like both!

Who are your three favourite artists of all time?
This is a very hard question to answer as I have so many favourite artists however, who I find really exciting at the moment:

One: I am a fan of Reko Rennie’s contemporary interdisciplinary work exploring Aboriginal identity. I love the way he meshes together colour and symbols, street art and Aboriginal stories.

Two: Chela is a lo-fi electro pop singer, songwriter originally from Perth who has a fresh sound and style that I look forward to watching evolve.

Three: The visceral nature of Francis Bacon’s work, I admit, has always compelled me. Bacon lived a tragic and chaotic life which was reflected in his work where he dared to paint distorted figures, animal carcasses and horror-like religious icons.

If money was no option what piece of art would you buy?
I would buy Yarrkalpa – Hunting Ground, Parnngurr Area 2013 by various artists: Ngamaru Bidu, Yikartu Bumba, Kumpaya Girgiba, Thelma Judson, Yuwali Janice Nixon, Reena Rogers, Karnu Nancy Taylor, Ngalangka Nola Taylor.

It is an extraordinary piece of Martu Art from The Far Western Desert depicting the region surrounding the Parnngurr Community, and represents the intimate connection the artists/traditional owners of the land have with Country.

Tell us about a recent experience you had with a performance or work of art that truly moved you
My recent visit to the Marina Abramovic, Private Archeology exhibition at the MONA gallery in Hobart was truly captivating. A lot of Abramovic’s work, that span decades, often explores and documents her artistic process which is a very interesting element to me when I engage with art. Along with all her stunning works, it comes to no surprise that I was enthralled by her notes, illustrations and documentation of her ideas that were encased in fantastic old architectural drawers. I respect Abramovic’s timeless and tireless vision and philosophies around performance art.

What drives you to give to the arts?
Because I want to see it and experience it, and if donating a bit of money, or time helps keep art sustainable, I want to be part of that.

How did you initially get involved in or hear about the projects that you support?

Sometimes I know of the artist or idea and it aligns with my interests but I also like going rogue and donating to projects that I’ve never heard of, it’s the unknown, and it feels good!

What drew you specifically to the projects you have given to?
Interesting ideas, things that attempt to challenge perceptions or social conscience, or sometimes I may have a casual connection with the artist and want to contribute to their vision.

As a practicing artist and donor, has crowdfunding made giving to the arts more accessible?
Absolutely. Philanthropy has otherwise seemed like a generous act that only the very wealthy could afford, but now, with crowd funding, the average person can experience the benefits of altruism without breaking the bank.

What do you like most about donating through the ACF?

Knowing that an artist has access to resources, advice and guidance from the ACF through the fundraising process is an important factor for me. Also having access, and the ability to donate to a diverse selection of local artists and projects.


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