Our fastest million dollars raised for arts and culture

Since July 2018, the ACF has received over $1 million in pledged donations. This has been our fastest ever one million dollars — raised in just four months. To celebrate, we spoke to the artist who was pledged the millionth dollar.

Meet the recipient of the donation, John Noble. John’s ACF project aims to raise money for an exciting and innovative chamber music program for students of regional and remote Victoria. To date, he has raised over $26,000 for his campaign. We chat to John about the significance of this donation.

John Noble

How will this donation have a positive impact on your campaign and what does it mean for you having a friend support you in this way?

This donor has been an incredible support to my program.

They came on board at the very start of my campaign and has been an enthusiastic advocate.

Their generous donation will ensure that I can deliver my ground-breaking program to students across regional Victoria in 2019.

They have enabled performance and mentor opportunities with professional musicians from across Australia that will literally change the lives of these young musicians.

Why do you use the ACF to fundraise?

The ACF is an amazing platform that allows me to seek funding and offer tax-deductible receipts to my supporters.

I have experienced only the utmost professionalism from every member of the ACF that I have dealt with, and my sponsors say the same.

Tell us about your fundraising strategy. What do you focus on and why?

My fundraising strategy is quite simple.

My forward planning allows me to know exactly how much I need to deliver my program to the targeted regions.

I will launch new ensembles into a number of new areas in 2019. I budget for monthly mentor sessions with each ensemble and travel to those areas at least three times a year.

The tyranny of distance can be a challenge, but with a launch into Mildura next year I am looking forward to the local support.

Why should people donate to the arts?

The arts is where passion lives.

I can deliver inspiring, innovative and exciting programs to young gifted musicians knowing that it is being offered to them at no charge due to the generosity and foresight of my donors.

Recently, I partnered with the Melbourne Recital Centre to present our end of year concert.

Over the Melbourne Cup Weekend “Quartets on Track” saw all of my ensembles converge on Melbourne.

Ensembles came from Shepparton, Traralgon, Hamilton, Bendigo and Melbourne’s outer Western suburbs. Performing to a Sold-Out Salon, the results were astonishing.

Performing alongside myself and our Artistic Patrons – Flinders Quartet, they sounded amazing and performed like professionals. 95% of these students had never stepped foot inside the MRC let alone have the opportunity to perform AND alongside professional musicians.

Donations to the arts allow this experience and literally do change lives.

More than $1 million in donations have been pledged to the arts through the ACF platform in just four months. Use three words to react:

THANK-YOU! Inspiring. Potential.