Amplify engages the Australian Cultural Fund, an existing national fundraising platform established by the Commonwealth Government and provides administrative and operational capacity building support to Australia’s PAF sector to assist in distributing funds to the arts and cultural sector.

Through Amplify, we collaborate with PAFs and foundations to determine how we can work together to best support arts and culture. Through the Australian Cultural Fund, we create a bespoke offering that allows each PAF we partner with to increase the flexibility and eligibility of funding, finding unique solutions to help achieve meaningful and impactful grant-making.

Amplify allows PAFs to provide support for individual artists and organisations that do not have DGR status providing greater flexibility in funding options and allowing PAFs to direct funds where they are needed
most within the arts and cultural sector.

Amplify provides a system to ease the administrative grant-making load on PAFs engaged in arts funding, allowing PAFs to utilise best-practice processes without needing to develop them from the ground-up.

Amplify enables PAFs to fulfil annual distribution requirements in one gift annually, which can be distributed to recipient organisations as multi-year funding. This removes the need for PAFs to pre-commit funds and provides opportunities for long-term sustainable funding relationships.

Amplify signals an alignment with global trends in philanthropy towards multi-year and unrestricted grant making to build capacity and sustainability for the arts and cultural sector.

For more information, please refer to our Amplify information sheet.

We would love to talk to you about how Amplify might expand your philanthropic giving to the arts. For more information, please contact Jayne Lovelock, Executive Director, Research and Engagement on

Amplify has been developed with support from the Tim Fairfax Family Foundation.