Completing your ACF Acquittal

All ACF artists are required to complete an acquittal within 30 days of their project finishing up. To make the process a little easier, we have put together a guide that outlines what information you will need to complete the online form and acquit your fundraising campaign and project.

Completing your ACF Acquittal

Once your fundraising campaign is done and your project is over, there’s one thing left to do – acquit your project via the Artist Dashboard. ACF acquittals cover both your fundraising campaign and the work itself, and are due within 30 days of the registered project end date.

We will send you an email when your acquittal is due and the form will also appear under ‘My Acquittals’ in the Artist Dashboard. The acquittal covers your project, budget, and fundraising strategy including the outcomes and impact of your project and how you think your campaign went so before you begin, take a moment to reflect and gather the information you will need:

  • Final project budget – you can use this template to help.
  • Outcomes from your fundraising campaign and project.
  • Feedback on your experience.

If the project has been delayed or postponed for any reason, please contact the ACF team on with information on the change and your new project end dates (these can be approximate if you’re still ironing out the details). The team will update your project record so that it is up to date.

Once you are ready to start the acquittal, head to My Acquittals, select the relevant record and under the table column ‘Action’ click ‘Complete’. That will open the online acquittal form.

The acquittal has 8 pages – here is an overview of the key points in each section:

About you (pages 1-4)
How you came to fundraise through the ACF
How did the project go? If it changed from your original plan, how did it alter and how have you communicated that to your donors.
Your final project budget (your ACF campaign total will be pre-filled)
Did your project attract grant or government funding?
How many key artists/creatives were involved?

Your fundraising strategy (pages 5-7)
How long was your fundraising campaign?
Did your fundraising strategy change? If so, how?
Is there anything about your campaign you would have done differently?
How many people were working on your campaign and how regularly?
How did you communicate with your donors?
Are you still in touch with your donors? If so, how?

About the ACF (page 8)
Feedback on your experience using the ACF.


You’ll notice that some questions allow you to choose multiple options from an existing list:

To choose the options you want, please click on them in the ‘Available’ list. They will be highlighted. Then click on the top arrow pointing to the right (you can see in the image above, it is highlighted pink). That will shift the selected options across to the ‘Chosen’ list:

As you progress through the form, you will be able to save each page and return to previous pages to review what you have written. You can also exit the form and return to it later.

When you are ready and the form is complete, please click ‘Submit’ on page 8. That will register the acquittal for the ACF team to review.

Once the ACF team has reviewed the information, you will receive an email letting you know the acquittal has been approved. The status will also change to ‘Approved’ on the My Acquittals page. If the team has any questions, they will be in touch directly.

If you would like to keep a copy of the acquittal information, you can download a PDF of the completed form from the My Acquittals page.

If you have any questions about the acquittal process, please contact us on