Chloe Arnott and Oliver Savariego


Surface Area

A bold site-specific dance work that will occupy the looming vertical ramp in Prahran Skate Park as part of Melbourne Fringe 2018

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Emerging dance artists Chloe Arnott and Oliver Savariego will choreograph together for the first time, occupying and re-purposing public space in a boundary pushing performance. The roles of audience and dancer are challenged in their shared vicinity, and expectations of spectacle or desires within the creation and consumption of dance is deconstructed.

We are interested through the creation of “Surface Area” in the function of public spaces and how they can be occupied and utilised in ways that differ from their intended use. The half-pipe of Prahran Skate Park, where we will perform this Septmber as part of Melbourne Fringe 2018, presents a great potential for movement generation, lending itself in its extreme scale and curvature to a play with speed and balance.

We want to defy to an extent what audiences might expect to be produced however, and we are currently in the process of creating various movement strands in the studio that we will later transpose into the site. Our shared movement practice bases itself in the experiential body; using weight, pendular momentum and structural geometry as informants. Applying this in our choreographic processes, we are investigating how audience and performer can correlate in shared spaces, what is expected or desired within dance and how the body can conform to or reject its surroundings.

Our passion and creative drive is what motivates us to produce this new work, and as the work takes place in the public domain, we will not be charging admission for our audiences. Therefore we are reliant on your contributions to realize the project in its fullest potential.

We aim to raise $2165 through our ACF campaign. The donations received will go toward production costs such as venue hire, costumes and essential equipment as well as administrative costs like fringe registration fees, council permits and insurance. Every donation, no matter the size, is hugely appreciated and will be handled with the care and thought in which it was given.

We have been lucky enough to receive in-kind support from Temperance Hall and Phillip Adams Balletlab, who have provided rehearsal space, as well as James Lauritz who will provide video and photographic documentation.

We are deeply grateful for your generosity, and hope to see you on the slopes!

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Chloe Arnott and Oliver Savariego are emerging contemporary dance artists based in Melbourne. Their shared movement practice revolves around physical applications of the structural and experiential body, harnessing weight, pendular momentum and geometry to propel through space. They both graduated from the Victorian college of the Arts in 2017, working with artists such as Benjamin Hancock, Kate Denborough and Stuart Shugg whilst studying. They both performed in The Score exhibition at the Ian Potter Museum of Art, in association with Melbourne Festival 2017. Since graduating, they completed a choreographic residency together at Bennington College in Vermont with Stuart Shugg, performing at WeisAcres in New York City.

Chloe recently travelled to France we she undertook a mentorship with Myriam Gourfink, culminating in a research development at the Centre National de la Danse in Paris. She continues work with Phoebe Robinson in her PhD research, and is currently in development with Sandra Parker.

In 2017 Oliver performed in Nude Live by Rafael Bonachela and created his own work No One for the VCA Dance On Season 2017. Upon graduating, Oliver received the inaugural Phillip Adams Balletlab Mentorship, and continues working with Phillip for future projects.


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