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MAROONED The Suicide Prevention Play

“Marooned is an important and beautiful play.”

~Roberto Chuter. Director.

We are staging it at The Athenaeum in September,

We want to help in the fight & show how important a role Art can play.

Days Left

Marooned is a play that celebrates life but was born out of loss. Written after the death of a friend it has been staged twice in a small venue where it wowed audiences who all urged us to take it further. We are raising the funds to do this.

This play brings a fresh approach to the constant battle of preventing suicide. And because of this we have the actor and mental health advocate for Headspace Nick Bracks making his stage debut in one of the roles, Marooned is aimed at audiences 16 plus.

The play was originally for four men but we have changed one role to a woman to balance.

We have a four-month timeline to get our funds.

Rather than selling this ourselves this is what one audience member posted on Facebook:

“It’s bloody fabulous. I was totally engrossed. Usually a fidget when I’m in a theatre but l was just waiting with baited breath to see what the next character would say, wondering if these lost souls would find their answer. While struggling to work out what answers they wanted to hear.

Writing about this and putting it into such a magnificent play brings up the subject and we all discuss it, and if we all discuss it more often when people who suffer from depression tell a friend a colleague or a loved one their suicidal thoughts they maybe listened to seriously as it won’t be such a taboo subject anymore.

I will go so far as to say this play will save lives!”
Alicia Mann Kirdy

Donations will be used to help pay for:
Producing and Marketing
The four actors’ salaries
And for the rent of the theatre

If we are successful in this season then we intend to take it to Sydney and further.

For info please visit us at

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