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YUMMY – 2017 Program

YUMMY is a cabaret born from the alternative drag and neo-burlesque scenes of inner-North Melbourne. Featuring a powerhouse team of performers, YUMMY has become something of a cultural phenomenon.

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Spearheaded by James Welsby (BRIEFS, FINUCANE & SMITH), the cast of YUMMY is made up of an all-star team of drag, circus, and music performers, and has been serving delectable smash-hit events in Midsumma, Melbourne Music Week, Melbourne Fringe, the Melba Spiegel Tent, the Chameleon Theatre (Berlin), and the Toff in Town.

Featuring performers Hannie Helsden, Valerie Hex, Karen From Finance, Tanzer, James Andrews, Beni Lola, Benjamin Hancock, Zelia Rose, and surprise special guests, YUMMY has become something of a phenomenon that looks set to leave its mark on Australia’s cabaret history.

“A melting pot where everything queer, high fashion, avant-garde drag, mesmerising dance, circus and music all combine” -samesame.com.au

Yummy is a fine example of this perceived notion of transgression – that sets the bar high.”- www.tagg.com.au

“One of the best night’s out I’ve ever had.” – www.theatrepress.com

~ YUMMY at The Toff in Town (Midwinta)
~ YUMMY BERLIN at The Chamaeleon Theatre
~ YUMMY at The Melba Spiegeltent
~ YUMMY UP LATE at Festival Hub (Melbourne Fringe)
~ HEAPS GAY HEAPS YUMMY at the State Library of Victoria (Melbourne Music Week)
~ LOVE, PAIN, and MUSIC at Hares and Hyenas
~ SUMMER TREATS at Gasworks (Midsumma)

~Tour to Adelaide Fringe Festival (February 2017)
~Tour to Sydney Mardi Gras (March 2017)
~Two week season in Melbourne Comedy Festival at the Melba Spiegeltent (Circus Oz)
~Planning for national and international touring in 2018.

At this point, YUMMY has been a completely independent company and has generated its entire program based on time volunteered by its members and from ticket sales from enthusiastic fans. We are looking to take a big step forward in terms of professionalism and stability, and to take our performances to the next level of quality.

Our upcoming high-profile performances require a new level of funding and support as we are beginning to tour interstate and present work in a higher calibre context.
That’s where fundraising comes in.

Receiving funding for the YUMMY – 2017 Program is extremely important because it means the difference between getting across the line or not.

YUMMY has a proven track-record of success at creating culturally significant events that are original, inclusive, and extremely high quality. The events have been bound together by the blood, sweat, and tears of the cast members and the tireless work done behind the scenes. Every single event has been a major success, however to move the company forward into a more professional position, the time has come to raise enough money to make YUMMY a sustainable venture.

It is very expensive to pay an ensemble of 7 or 8 performers, as well as managing all promotion and marketing costs, technical costs, venue hire fees, and production expenses. Festival registration fees, publicity expenses, and now travel and accommodation fees add up very quickly and can set back the group making it incredibly hard to break even.

Building up an impressive reputation is a long-term pursuit, and something that YUMMY is doing extremely well. We are incredibly well regarded in our field, but require a financial “leg up” to become to break through cabaret that we dream of.

Donations will be used to support essential YUMMY expenses in our 2017 Program.

Primarily, costs will go toward our upcoming season at the Melba Spiegeltent in Melbourne Comedy Festival.
Key expenses for that season include:
Venue hire: $3,500
Performers fees for rehearsals and two weeks season: $16,000
Publicist fee: $800
Printing and marketing: $3000
Costumes: $4,300
Insurance: $500
Total and initial target: $28,100

If we raise more than $28,100, additional money will go toward supporting the costs of our interstate touring (Sydney Mardi Gras).
Accommodation in Sydney: $1,200
Marketing and promotion for Sydney season: $1000
Travel costs to Sydney: $1000
Sydney total: $3,200
Secondary target: $31,300

In the event that we somehow smash our target and raise all of the required $31,300 we would move toward raising funds to bring an international circus artist over from London to perform as a special invited guest in our season at the Melba Spiegeltent in April. That would cost an additional $5,000.

Dream target: $36,300

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James Welsby is a dancer and performance maker who is interested in the camp, visceral, and gritty.

He graduated from the VCA School of Dance in 2007, and since 2008 has worked independently and as co-director of ‘Phantom Limbs’ (winner “Best Dance” and “Melbourne Festival Discovery Award” for TRTH+FNTSY, Melbourne Fringe 2013). James has performed in shows by Luke George, Finucane and Smith, Martin Del Amo, Theo Adams, Nat Cursio, Hydra Poesis, Buzz Dance Theatre, and Opera Australia, and has developed work with Phillip Adams BalletLab.

In 2013 James was accepted into Next Wave’s Kickstart program, and choreographer Stephanie Lake mentored James through JUMP mentoring in Melbourne and Lyon, France. James’s first full-length show was ‘Tidefolk Fictions’ (2012), and he has co-directed every ‘Phantom Limbs’ show to date. His most celebrated work is ‘HEX’ which was part of Next Wave Festival 2014, AIDS 2014, and toured across Australia in 2015.

He has also choreographed for Lucy Guerin Inc (P4SS), Menagerie Collective (‘The Riot Hustle’) Sisters Grimm (‘The Sovereign Wife’ – Neon at MTC), Zoe Coombs Marr (‘DAVE’), and Zoey Dawson (‘Romeo and Juliet’), Next Wave (‘Private Dances’, 2010), and for musicians LE1F and Clairy Browne.


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