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You Are Here Festival 2019

Commissioning three artists – byrd, Nicci Haynes, and Natsuko Yonewaza to create work for the YAH Festival 2019.

Days Left

byrd – large scale outdoor painting
Nicci Haynes – projection work
Natsuko Yonewaza – projection work

These three artworks contribute significantly to our overall program.

The donation will be used to pay for artist fees and materials.
More information about this year’s festival can be found on the You Are Here Facebook:

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YOU ARE HERE is an independent arts organisation supporting artists and creative communities in the ACT to create experimental art and experiences.

Every year we present the You Are Here Festival, an entirely free 5 day curated showcase of independent and experimental arts in the Canberra CBD. Popping up in shopfronts, alleyways, cafes, streets, car parks, galleries, museums, cars. You Are Here is playful, irreverent and lo-fi.

We create immersive, interactive and engaging experiences for our audiences, exploding the myth that there’s nothing to do in Canberra.

The festival features predominantly new works, created under the unique restraints of the festival and the city environment. You Are Here is constantly becoming, never finished or polished, open and alive to the possibilities present in failure.

Our artists are trained professionals and brilliant amateurs, passionate creative communities, first timers and seasoned festival fiends. They leap over artistic and disciplinary boundaries in the blink of an eye and, collaborate fearlessly with artists and communities. They do so with a twinkle in their eye and a skip in their step.


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