Yarra Valley Arts (YAVA)

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Yarra Valley Arts Open Studios 2019

Open, Immerse, Create – YVA Open Studios invites visitors to step inside the intimate creating spaces of the talented artists who live and work in the unique cultural and creative landscape of the Yarra Valley.

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Yarra Valley Arts (YVA) Open Studios showcases the rich and diverse artistic practices residing in the Yarra Valley. Held over 3 weekends in September, October and November in 2019, over 3 areas and with 3 group exhibitions, it offers opportunities for the public to engage with the cultural happenings across this beautiful landscape.

Group exhibitions (one for each area) showcase work by Open Studio artists and provide an overview that will assist in planning studio visits, and the launch event features art from the 36 studios. Artworks at the exhibitions and studios are available for purchase and workshops can be booked.

YVA Open Studios is the largest and most engaging annual cultural event in the the Yarra Valley Region. It provides a platform for artists and creatives residing here to connect with community and the broader public about their work. This unique program offers unprecedented access to the public of the cultural goings on across the region. It is instrumental in making the Yarra Valley a region known not just for it’s food and wine, but its rich culture of artists and creativity.

The YVA Open Studios 2019 brochure with maps will be widely available to help plan the weekend(s) and discover the many artists opening their spaces. Last year’s program attracted more than 6000 visitors, many of which came not once but three times to connect with more artists, in more studios with plenty of opportunity to also indulge in the fine food, wine and accommodation of the Yarra Valley.

This is your opportunity to support the artists of the region. Your donations will contribute to the success of YVA Open Studios 2019 via the quality brochure and wider marketing reach.

Yarra Valley Arts is a volunteer run not-for-profit organisation with a long history of supporting and promoting local arts.

YAVA Gallery & Arts Hub is a new community-based contemporary creative space in Healesville, Victoria.. It evolved from the voluntary efforts of Yarra Valley Arts members (with a 30 year history) who successfully raised funds in early 2019 to lease a central location to show their works and to also attract high profile artists from outside the region to exhibit with local artists. YAVA opened it’s first Exhibition of 7 local artists on May 9th to some critical acclaim..

The space is an ‘Arts Hub” from which a wide range of artistic forms can be experiencedin the future – music, performance, art classes, multi-media, soirees, lectures, classes, dinners etc…

In its short life YAVA has become so successful that there is an urgent need to build the capacity of the organisation to manage the growth and the opportunities.


Julie Merrigan