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Wonderwalls Port Adelaide x Demsky

Wonderwalls Port Adelaide is a street art and mural festival, the world-class 3 day event hosts numerous activations including regional food and wine events, live art and music.

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Wonderwalls Port Adelaide is a street art and mural festival, curating a line-up each year of world-class artists from around Australia as well as bringing in some of the top mural artists from all around the globe.
For Wonderwalls 2020, one of the key artists is J Demsky from Valencia, Spain, who will be creating a mural work as well as an animated projection which will be on show each night of the weekend festival.

Wonderwalls Port Adelaide shines a spotlight on the beautiful area of Port Adelaide, a developing area of South Australia – provides a platform for local South Australian and Australian artists to meet and work alongside some of the finest artists in the world of street art and wall painting. The Festival is a key part of the Port Adelaide and South Australian cultural calendar and has created a world standard display of public art that attracts visitors year round, as well as a huge turnout of visitors and community engagement on the weekend of the festival.

The donations we are asking for will be used to facilitate Demsky to create a new street art wall work in Port Adelaide, and project animations created by the artist onto the wall each night of the 3 day festival.

More about the festival can be seen at

Joel Van Moore aka Vans The Omega is a creative personified by his love of letterforms and graphic abstraction.

Heavily influenced by ancient worlds, architecture and movement, his works meld through dimensional spaces with intention and hidden stories wrapped in colour theory.

Joel’s attention to detail has propelled his career in street and fine art across the globe.

Moving beyond the spectrum of graffiti while retaining its underlying motivations, his current work is a collision of geometry and site-specific patterns washed amongst figurative icons.

Joel’s paintings aim is to creating inner movement within the onlooker, reflection and an overwhelming sense of beauty amongst their street settings.

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