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Wireless Dream State

Wireless Dream State is an immersive art installation taking place at the Smart Artz Gallery in Melbourne Victoria 29th of August. It is an exploration of social media’s impact on society and human behavior.

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TECHTrap presents Wireless Dream State, a cross-arts representation of social media in our modern age. Are we as users of social media aware of the impacts it has on social and human behavior?

We are here to signify what social media is doing to us as humans through elements of the arts. This installation draws inspiration from the negative and positive aspects of social media and how it has shaped into the daily escapism that it is.

This project is curated by a team of students of the arts and entertainment and it is made for residents of the social media kingdom. Wireless Dream State is an invitation to reflect and discuss the current state of social behavior and ideas for further generations of users. The installation itself will involve mediums of music, video, and audio in a specifically designed exhibition space.

This project, disguised as a dream, really just tells the story of the journey that happens every time you pick up your device and look at your blue screen. This is what we call the Wireless Dream State, that even if you are fully aware of what is happening it is all just your screen and your mind creating stimuli together. Wireless Dream State brings the audience into this concept for people to reflect on their own behavior and what impacts social media may have on their own lives. This project is important for us as people in order to move forward into the realm that includes social media, internet, and technology. Because if we are not aware of the complications or the evils, how will we then realise the cause for action before it is too late?

We are asking our community for small individual donations however with your generous efforts we are able to showcase an extraordinary adventure at the exhibition.

Donations will be used towards securing projector equipment, paint, fabrics and printed media. We are creating two rooms for dream exploration where the audience sees the different sides to the coin. We are creating this installation on a volunteer basis and with passion as our fueling source.

Supporters are encouraged to visit our Facebook page to learn more about the topics presented within our installation. And of course to join us on the 29th of August at the Smart Artz Gallery.






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We are TECHTrap. A group of students and artist working collaboratively on an immersive art installation called Wireless Dream State that will be taking place on the 29th of August at Smart Artz Gallery in Melbourne.

We come from different backgrounds in Music, Film&Video, Audio and Entertainment Management. We also come from different places of the world; Australia, New Caledonia, Thailand and Sweden. We consist of Alicia Blad, Kevin Garcia, Alex Harris and Chanon Paopatimakorn.

Currently finalising our 4th trimester at JMC Academy, studies for creative industries. We are excitied to be working on this dreamy project together highlihting the positive and negative aspects of social media.


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