Where Song Began


Where Song Began

Where Song Began is a musical celebration of Australia’s birds and how they shaped the world, combining live music with film, text and pre-recorded birdcalls.

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Inspired by leading ornithologist Tim Low’s award winning book, this multimedia performance piece encourages audiences to contemplate the origin of birdsong and the importance of Australia’s rich and colourful bird history. The work comprises music spanning 300 years (including a newly commissioned work), accompanied by a film of evocative landscape stills, moving images, poetry, pros, and birdcall field recordings sourced from the Cornell Ornithology Lab.

Where Song Began has something for everyone. At the heart of the project is a desire to communicate and tell a story through performance.

Through the marriage of art and science, this project aims to connect audiences with the natural world, bringing awareness to the importance of our native birds and their significance in avian history and evolution.

I first had the idea of creating this work two years ago after reading Tim Low’s extraordinary book. I brought in cellist Anthony Albrecht as my associate artist, and since then we have continued developing the project together.

We have performed the work in Melbourne, London and New York already to enthusiastic audiences, and have a number of regional concerts lined up throughout Australia in 2018.

I am seeking $15,000 in funding toward the ongoing development of the work, which is at once a conservation effort and an evocative performance piece.

Donations will be used to:
– Continue developing high quality visual material for the work, in the form of landscape and avian still and moving images.
– Commission new works by Australian composers to include in the performance.
– Assist ongoing technical and marketing costs, such as the purchase of a high quality projector.
– Develop an education-focussed version of the work, for use in schools programs and workshops that will be held around Australia, particularly in rural areas.

For more information about the work, please visit: www.wheresongbegan.com


Where Song Began





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I am a South Australian violinist with a passion for music from a wide range of eras. I perform regularly with many of Australia’s leading ensembles, on both modern and baroque violin. These include the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra, the Australian Haydn Ensemble, the Orchestra of the Antipodies, the Australian Romantic and Classical Orchestra, the Melbourne Chamber Orchestra and the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra.

I give frequent recitals around the country, am an active chamber musician, and run regular workshops and masterclasses for young players.

I believe in the storytelling power of music, and in recent years have started developing my own multimedia projects with storytelling at their core, of which ‘Where Song began’ is one.

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