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When I was your age…

A unique compilation book themed around memoir-esque stories written for primary-school-aged children.

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Many children and grandchildren ask the question: “tell us about when you were young?”, this book hopes to capture that answer, preserve it and entertain future generations.

This will be the first compilation book published by The Writers of the Far South Coast in 15 years – a non-profit, based in the Bega Valley, NSW.

Ideally kids, the target audience of the book, will learn about older generations (baby boomers, GenX and even early millennials) and be inspired.

We hope the book will teach the younger generation to respect cultural heritage, and promote and support the culturally diverse upbringings of older generations. Children will learn what was it like when Australia had a small population, uncrowded towns and villages, and lack of high-rise development. Adults will be reminded what it was like to grow up with this coastal and country style of living, in a time of pristine air and water surrounded by the natural environment and rural landscapes.

Literature is important.

This is a learning experience with many unknown variables. To discover those variables, we need guidance. The publishing format, book details and launch event shall be determined by contributing authors who will be included in the decision-making processes through meaningful engagement.

Our aim is that our authors will have their writing published, gain experience in the entire process, build confidence through special workshops and gain promotion of their own author brand.

Literature is very important.

The Mumbulla Foundation knows how important literature is, and has already partially funded this project. Now we just need to make up the difference.


  • Supports authors in the Bega Valley to hone their submissions and engage in a variety of formal and informal training and skills development in collaboration with Dr Rae Luckie, including a six-week programme of workshops.
  • Ensures never-before-heard stories are published.
  • Improves community well-being by providing an opportunity to celebrate and promote regional creative talents.
  • Will see schools on the Far South Coast visited by regional authors during covert market testing and more formal promotion of the finished book.

With your help, sometime before September 2020, the National Library of Australia will have another book to add to their shelves.

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The Writers of the Far South Coast (WFSC) are a non-profit club for published and aspiring authors from NSW’s Bega Valley. Meetings are held on the 3rd Saturday each month and include free morning writing sessions and after lunch, subsidised workshops with local and visiting presenters. The WFSC attends markets to promote literature and also holds an Annual Winter Writers Retreat during the last weekend of July.

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