Wellness: A Social Justice Play

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Wellness: A Social Justice Play on tour

“Beautifully vulnerable” Wellness is a semi-autobiographical verbatim play examining social justice through the lens of fatism, fatphobia, and discrimination.
We are going to Adelaide Fringe Festival in February 2020.

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Wellness is a deeply personal project. Written by emerging artist Ella Arendelle about her own experiences with discrimination and fatphobia, Wellness aims to open up taboo conversations about social dynamics and micro-aggressions.
The play premiered at Melbourne’s The Butterfly Club as part of their inaugural One-Act-Play Festival in March 2019. The play went on to be featured at Manly’s Factory Space Theatre Company in Fourplay, a short play evening and just had a successful run at Fringe HQ in Sydney in November

We have booked a season in Adelaide’s Fringe Festival in February at The Mill.

Wellness centres on the discrimination faced by People of Size. Body Positivity is such a buzzword but the bopo movement tends to miss the mark – so many people are still excluded and need to have their stories featured.

While Wellness is a fat issue play, Dramaturg George Lazaris and Writer Ella Arendelle were keen to feature queer and inter-cultural perspectives in their work.

We are proud to feature the work of female identifying stage directors for this next production as well. The production aims to practice what we preach and make every effort for marginalised voices to be featured, as they are in the script of Wellness.

Your donations will go towards paying for the Adelaide venue hire fee and for the transport of cast, crew, and set pieces from Sydney to Adelaide for the festival. 1400 is a lot of kilometres… and we have to come back too…

Arts funding in NSW is so hard to get and while Ella is privately funding most of the tour, the project deserves to be accessible to more people, we would love to be able to consider Perth, Darwin, Edinburgh Fringe Festivals in the future. Your support goes a long way towards the viability of that!

Ella is a Sydney-based actor, musician, dancer, model, and now writer. Her autobiographical play Wellness: A Social Justice Play was featured in Melbourne’s The Butterfly Club’s inaugural short play festival in March. She has a Certificate IV in Music Theatre and has studied at Newtown Performing Arts, ATYP, and TAFEntertainment.
Previous theatre credits include: The Queen Bee in InSex, The Maid in Smash Hits and Stereotypes, Professor Mezzo/Mezzo Student in Tyrrano, The Dukes in As You Like It, Brenda in Somewhere Else Today, Diana in Hedda Gabler, Megan in Rebound, The Thanes in Macbeth, Rebecca Huntley-Pike in A Chorus Of Disapproval, Lady Angela in Patience, Vittoria in The Gondoliers, Mrs Partlet in The Sorcerer, among others.
Ella is also a fibre artist, plays the ukulele, and is friends with Mrs Claus.


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