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We Met Online

The online dating culture is a rich catalogue of short attention spans. As we tend towards treating people as disposable, one should be afraid of who they overlook.

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“We Met Online” is a social commentary on the disposable and transactional nature of app-based dating. It examines the horror of online dating by exposing us to a vengeful ghost in the machine, redolent of the yūrei and yōkai of Japanese folklore – haunting, shifting and brutal.

This project is ideal for fans of horror! But the audience who will resonate the most with the project, are the young and dating; people who regularly engage with dating apps through to those who have indulged casually will connect to the feelings of rejection and mindless validation that are the pitfalls with app-dating.

Culturally, this project is relevant to an audience who is engaged with online dating, as it might pose questions around our empathy/lack of empathy for the people on the other side of the ‘swiping game’.

Professionally, this project has great potential for the team to be recognised internationally, strengthening opportunities to grow and operate in this industry, and in turn, bringing more attention to Australia’s creative industries. The international accessibility of this project, the genre, and the cultural significance will mean there is great potential for broad audience appeal.

Support from the ACF community, and other donors, will mean our ability to reach international audiences through international festivals is better supported and more guaranteed, which will allow us to bring that success home and provide greater opportunities locally.

The donations themselves will be used for resourcing the production. This includes the rental of specialty gear, the sourcing and production of design materials and costumes, the specialty makeup and catering. The donations will also help cover the expenses of certain crew roles, such as transport and personal resources for the production.

We will also utilise the resources to handle our marketing and festival entry needs too. All of these things will be used to support the abundant time and resources being donated by the entire crew and creative team, in order to maximise the reach and success.

The end result will be a 7 min short film, that will be submitted to high profile genre film festivals globally. Some will have direct contact with the festival programmers due to pre-existing relationships and festival wins, others will require submission through online portals. The final product will have a production value that is not reflected in the budget or the amount being asked through donations. But rather the end product will be of great value due to the hard work and talent of the invested team members.

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Nic Parker has been a passionate film enthusiast for his entire life, bar the years spent in infancy.

His attraction to the cinematic arts has always been one of fascination of the spectacle and grandeur of high concept story telling. Nic is drawn specifically to films of the fantastic; stories with otherworldly elements, super-heroes and horror, are the films that ignite him.

His career has been one of capturing beautiful images for weddings and promotional commercial content as well as bringing stories to life, through his role as Producer. He created and produced a six part online comedy, Jackpot (2017) and produced the emotionally gripping, biographical tale, Erwin (2018).

Nic now sets his sights on his first horror film, We Met Online. Nic Parker is a graduate of the Australian Film Television and Radio School.