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Recording one collaborative work of Michelle Rounds with International artists of Syrian, Sudanese, Ethiopian, Eritrean ethnicities, with an Australian/Egyptian production team.

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Michelle Rounds, an international Australian singer, wishes to preserve the refugees’ rapidly disappearing chants, and folk music, encourage further participation on an Australian and global scale, and to also reinforce that no person’s identity and work is compromised by currently being ‘refugee’.
Living currently in Cairo, EGYPT, Michelle has become aware of the number of artists and musicians who are currently living under ‘refugee’ status and who we would like to collaborate with in order to create one recorded musical work (of instrument, voice, song and spoken word) .
The recorded work will be available to the public as a free download and will be pitched to the film and movie industry.
It is envisaged that the work will have jazz overtones on predominantly ethnic, Arab rhythms and can be covering multiple genres, folkloric, original, tribal, reggae or jazz.

Michelle Rounds is renowned for her collaborative works, previously in Japan and Egypt. She was born in multi-cultural Sydney, idyllic in comparison to being ‘processed’ in the bustling urban metropolis of Cairo as a ‘refugee’, As an Australian musician able to perform internationally without restriction, she believes that projects like this not only give back the artists’ sense of creativity and identity but also help to lift their spirits, mentally and emotionally, being committed to and working on what they do best, in the true blue spirit of looking out for our neighbours too. Michelle’s reputation and musicality will be used to expand their networks and her own, and will support ongoing projects whilst opening another creative dimension to her own songwriting, performance and production skills by using Arab and North African rhythms in the Arab and English languages and Sudanese dialects. Being based in Cairo means that the production team will be Egyptian, keeping the Aussie multi-cultural spirit alive and well !

The donations will be used specifically towards the selection, recording of the chosen artists, providing a reasonable fee for their efforts and covering local transportation and food during the work. Recording, editing and mastering of the song. There is no intention to sell the work, it is planned that it will be available as a free download and that it will be pushed in the music and film industry to be used as soundtrack music for film etc. Studio hours and engineers fees have already been discounted to support the project but also need to be covered, Administration costs are included, based on the Egyptian economy, and the figures are very low. We have shortlisted 12 refugee musicians/singers/songwriters and have a production team of 8 – managers, engineers, Egyptian musicians, arranger and producer. This is a complete recording of one song and is setting up for the continuation towards a full album.


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Australian-born Jazz vocalist, Michelle Rounds, is a 3rd generation professional singer/songwriter of Pacific Island heritage

She covers many genres and is renowned for her courageous and versatile scatting. With a wide vocal range she continually delights her audiences with spontaneous creativity and superb musicianship.

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