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Watcha Doin’ Today – web series phase 1

Watcha Doin’ Today follows artists while they self-filmed during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown March -June 2020. 15 films that capture Australian history, through the eyes of the artist.

Days Left

In March 2020 Loretta embarked on an experimental art focus documentary, she was asking artists and creatives to capture how it felt to live through this time in history.  The series captures a moment in time through the eyes of Australian creatives. The participants aged between 20 to 65, are artist, musician, writers, creative teachers from all around Australia.

Loretta never imagined, two of the artists would become finalists in The Archibald and Wynne prizes, held by Art Gallery NSW (Julianne Ross Allcorn & Digby Webster). Nor see 65-year-old Tasmanian artist Catherine create a life-size 3D seaweed dress. Using their art as both guide and comfort, they paint an authentic human face on a variety of struggles, both familiar and unique. In a surprisingly candid way, each artist asks us to consider creative expression as a new way of responding to living in the now, regardless of the trials at hand.

Just like iconic artist Mikey who shares his cancer treatment and recovery openly, and Melbourne poet Miriam explores what productivity is while moving in with her mum and dad at age 30. These are 5 stories from the 15 films. Each story captures Australian history through the eyes of creatives; hopefully, these stories will ignite individuals and communities to find their creative voice, especially for those who had never thought of themselves as artistic.

Your funds will go towards phase 1 of Watcha Doin’ Today, completing postproduction of two films: Julianne Ross Allcorn and Mikey Freedom. Once completed, both films will be available on Vimeo VOD.

The films will be used for fundraising via advance screenings, private screenings and connecting to more extensive partnerships to help finish the whole series. You can view the unfinished films above via the media links below.

Phase 2 of the fundraising campaign is for the full series fifteen short films in total, with stories between 7 -10 minutes.

Digitally, WDT Facebook and Instagram pages have a full listing of all 15 creatives and will keep you up to date.

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Loretta is a filmmaker trained in the ’90s at the ABC by some of the best editors in Australia.

Her first documentary series ‘It’s a long way’ examined the realities of working in the Australian music industry and aired on Channel [V] in 1999. In 2002 she directed for Becker Entertainment ‘InspirAsians’, an 8 part biographical documentary arts series for Channel 5 MediaCorp Singapore. Moving to London in 2005 she joined the Charity Global Angels UK filming short observational documentaries in India, Kenya and Khayelitsha South Africa working with highly sensitive issues and vulnerable contributors in unstable areas, she crafted stories as part of their funding raising and awareness programs.

In 2018-2019 Loretta worked with an upcoming young director, editing and shaping the ABC iView series ‘Studio A’, 6 short profiles on a Sydney-based collective of artists with intellectual disabilities. In March 2020 she embarked on an experiential documentary ‘Watcha Doin’ Today’ that follows artist around Australia self-film their creative journey for four months during the COVID 19 lockdown.

Loretta has a passion for telling art centre narratives that inspire thinking, engages hearts, one story at a time.


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