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A donation to the WAM Artist Development Program is an investment in the achievers in contemporary music of tomorrow. Skills and strategy are what’s needed to elevate talent into achievements.

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WA has a long standing reputation when it comes to contemporary music. We are known for having “something in the water” with some of the most distinctive sounds emanating from this state. Contemporary music is one of our most important cultural identifiers that we have, and it makes our city more vibrant, more beautiful, more livable.

Perth is still a very isolated city. Whilst technology has changed the way (and speed) in which we connect with people, WA is still a tough place to be an artist. And in a crowded market place, being heard and noticed above the many other people making noise in this country is one of the biggest challenges facing emerging artists today.

This is where WAM comes in.

We have the knowledge, expertise and connections to guide WA artists through to the next stages of their careers.

Our Artist Development program encompasses a range of hands on learning opportunities for WA artists, which are designed to teach the important skills necessary to ensure that new and emerging acts are positioning themselves for success in a crowded market.

Talent is born – and WA artists have it in bucket loads. But it takes more than talent to achieve success in a crowded marketplace.

Your donation will directly contribute towards the delivery of this intensive and practical learning program, which is aimed at artists at all stages of their careers.

By making a donation to West Australian Music, you will play a vital role in their future success and strengthen the position of all West Australian artists.

Be a part of continuing WA’s incredible music legacy. Make a donation today.

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WAM’s Mission is championing West Australian music.

We are the peak music body in Western Australia responsible for supporting, nurturing and growing all forms of contemporary music across all genres. WAM preserves, strengthens and advances contemporary West Australian music by developing, celebrating and connecting the musicians, industry professionals and markets both locally and further afield. Western Australia has an established reputation for producing exceptional and unique world-class contemporary music and artists. We know that the talent and creativity exists in Western Australia for WA to be regarded in the same way as Seattle, Liverpool or even Nashville.

In recognition of the value of music and our industry as an integral part of the social and economic fabric of WA, WAM plays an important advocacy role as an intermediary between the industry and government. Through our range of programs, WAM provides opportunity for West Australian artists to practice their craft, explore their talents, and achieve success.


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