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WAHonk! Fest Travel Fund

A campaign to raise funds for travelling bands to attend The WAHonk! Fest in Fremantle, Western Australia. Made possible by volunteers. Family friendly, free to watch, and free to participate in.

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This Easter Long Weekend – from April 14 to 17 – WAHonk! Fest is taking place as part of the Fremantle International Street Arts Festival.

Honk Festivals are interstate and international convergences of street bands that take place all over the world. This will be the fourth Honk! Festival in Australia, and first in Western Australia. As bands play for little or no pay at Honk Festivals it is vitally important that the hosting city and the Honk!Oz association do all they can to assist participating bands with their costs of travel to the event.

Hospitality is the key to the success of a HONK! Festival. HONK! Oz volunteers in Wollongong are helping WAHonk! Fest in the following ways:

Firstly, we have volunteered to help raise money for travelling bands. This money will be divided between the bands that have travelled more than 400km to be at WAHonk! Fest.

Secondly, we are sending a community band called The Con Artists to represent HONK! Oz at the festival. This band has participated in all three HONK! Oz festivals in Wollongong and part of the money we raise will help members of the Con Artists Community Band travel to Freo.

Communities helping make other communities vibrant through street music and art is vital to our humanity.

HONK! festivals are liberating and imbued with a strong social conscience. They are a collision of musicians, friends, families, outrageous costumes and irresistible music.

So please help us to make it a bit easier for musicians from all over to get to Western Australia for WAHonk! Fest.

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HONK! Oz is a free three-day spectacle on the Street of Wollongong featuring alternative community bands and related arts.

Community and Social Justice are at the heart of HONK! Oz. Bands are not paid to participate – they come at their own expense, inspired to connect with other like minded musicians.

Honk bands are inclusive and community minded. They take their musical inspiration from Mardi Gras and Carnival, and from street music gatherings across Europe and South America. They borrow a fusion of repertoire from a diverse set of music traditions; New Orleans second line, Klezmer, Balkan and Romani music; Brazilian Samba and Frevo; Jazz, funk and popular music.

A Honk approach of music making blurs the line between artist and audience, between professional and amateur. Energetic, irreverent, revelrous and with a somewhat DIY approach to instrumentation and attire. Honk bands perform on the streets to celebrate; to protest; to proclaim; some play for peace, some for activist causes; for community spirit; and all of them play to have fun!!!!

Supporters: Wollongong City Council, Illawarra Folk Club, Wollongong Conservatorium of Music, Merrigong Theatre, Illawarra Jazz Club


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