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Victor Ego or The Brainstorm

‘Victor Hugo was a madman who thought he was Victor Hugo.’…. Jean Cocteau
A genius in exile brainstorms yet another best selling novel.
Help us take this new work to the next level and reach a wider audience.

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At work in his roof-top studio, Hugo pulls together the essential ingredients of a ripping yarn which will become his next best-selling novel. He conjures up a cast of characters and spices their relationships with betrayal, love, obsession, sacrifice and a dash of skullduggery. He pits them against the elemental forces which determine their lives.

A one-man play conceived and performed by Patrick Dickson.
An O’Punksky production directed by Maeliosa Stafford.

Audiences around the world have been captivated and profoundly moved by ‘Les Miserables’ and ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’. But the story of Hugo himself is not so well known. Victor Hugo was one of the most significant writers, poets, artists and political activists of the 19th century. This play opens a small window into the life and work of a genius in exile.

Victor Hugo lived for 15 years on the island of Guernsey as a political exile.

Intercut with the brainstorming of his latest romantic adventure we are with Hugo as he pens letters…. to his friend, to his mistress and to his publisher…. We discover how the lived experience of the writer impacts the creative process… how his own love, pain and frustration finds its way on to the page.

‘Victor Ego’, an original creation of O’Punksky’s theatre, has had a short experimental season in a small regional venue in NSW in 2018. This was a trial production and the work delighted audiences showing great promise as a touring black-box production.

Help us take the production to the next level and share this fascinating story with a wider audience.

Hugo was a ground breaking writer… he was also ahead of his time as a visual artist. Projection artist Scott Baker brings Hugo’s own drawings to life illustrating the ‘brainstorm’ of the author.

Maeliosa Stafford has waved his magic directing wand over Patrick’s raw ingredients to create a work which will appeal to audiences across the country and around the world.

‘Victor Ego or The Brainstorm’ is still a rough diamond. Your financial support will help us in two ways.

Firstly you will give us the opportunity to go back to the studio to enhance elements of the production, particularly the lighting, the projection art and (of course) the performance.

Secondly your support will help us take this work as a ‘black box’ production to regional, national and international audiences and fulfill our original vision.

Your most modest support will be greatly appreciated.

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