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Venetian Blind

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A soprano, a sculptor and a poet walk into a gallery…

No, it’s not the opening of a joke, but the beginning of an artist residency for Venetian Blind, a Public Art Commission project for the European Cultural Centre (ECC) in conjunction with the Venice Biennale and curated by David Cross and Cameron Bishop.

The purpose of work with the ECC is to “explore new collaborative and creative processes, as well as a new interaction with the city, its surroundings and its visitors”. On the first day of each residency, a group of 5-6 Australian artists from various disciplines open a scroll containing a provocation. We then have a month to create work together before handing over the gallery to the next group. Selected as one of 23 artists in total, I will be working in Venice from June 9th through July 10th.

If you’re coming to Venice, come and see us! We will be working in the historic Palazzo Bembo as part of the overall exhibition Personal Structures – Identities, which presents a selection of works from internationally-renowned artists. The Palazzo Bembo is open to the public from 10am – 6pm daily (closed on Tuesdays) until November 24th 2019 and entry is free.

I also invite you to join us virtually via social media for a daily look at our work in progress and some of the other incredible work being shown in Venice for the Biennale. I can be found on Instagram @karilyon and Facebook @karilyonsoprano. If what you see inspires you, I would be so grateful for your support in undertaking this project.

As an artist-led work, it falls to the individual artists to fund travel, accommodation and expenses in Venice, along with additional work expenses such as the preparation of materials and associated resources. Contributions made here, along with a small grant I have received, will help offset the costs of participating and allow me to focus entirely on the creative work. Thanks to the Australian Cultural Fund, all donations through this platform are fully tax deductible.

I thank you for your consideration and look forward to sharing this creative adventure with you!

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In her US debut, Australian soprano Kari Lyon drew critical praise for her “poignant and arresting” Bridie in the world premiere of Eric Sawyer’s The Garden of Martyrs. She won the Concert Artist Prize at the Metropolitan International Music Festival, has been finalist in the Elaine Malbin Vocal Competition and was recipient of the 2013 Jump Mentorship awarded by the Australia Council for the Arts. She is also a recipient of the Dame Joan Sutherland Fund and the PPCA Performers’ Trust, and has been recognized for her “smoking coloratura” as Mozart’s Queen of the Night.

Recent highlights include Therese in Les Mamelles de Tiresias (Cincinnati); Georgia Stitt’s Alphabet City (New York); and two further premieres: The Cuckoo at Opera America, and Time Does Bring Relief for American Opera Projects. She led her first NYC play as Maria in Cabaret Opera at the Pompeii Theater, featured as Noemie in Utopia Opera’s Cendrillon and performed for the 20th Anniversary of Double Dialogues.

She holds a Bachelor of Music from the WAAPA, Honours in English, Communications and Cultural Studies from UWA and a Master of Arts in Writing and Literature from Deakin University, where she is a 2019 doctoral candidate.


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