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Urza and the Song in the Dark

A girl free-falls through filtered light
A barefoot child slips silently between stalagmites evading a shadowy beast
A legendary explorer searches for a lost song

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Urza and The Song in the Dark is a brand-new children’s fable set in a subterranean wonderland of complex caves, underground lakes and fantastical creatures. A mysterious song leads a young girl named Urza on an adventure in the depths of the earth. Along the way she befriends a lost explorer, gets pursued by a mysterious, dark force and finds herself caught up in a primeval story of legendary proportions.

Devised for children of all ages, Urza and The Song in the Dark will be presented intimately in venues across the City of Sydney in 2018 before festival touring in 2019/2020. Using Matriark’s signature punk-puppetry, live songs, original music and stunningly layered, shadow visuals, Urza is a unique work for all ages.

Matriark wants to make the world smaller, building imaginative universes out of stories in intimate spaces around Sydney.

Urza and the Song in the Dark will be decidedly local, presented in libraries, shared spaces and community venues. We create safe spaces for new audiences, younger participants and their parents. We feel storytelling shouldn’t be reserved for blacked-out theatres but should be a part of everyday life. By presenting Urza in these spaces, Matriark will bring genuinely new audiences in contact with transformative storytelling experiences.

In prioritising these audiences, we have forgone traditional forms of revenue. We have reduced the cost to attend the show, offering heavily subsidised tickets to encourage new audiences.

We need your assistance to pay for the initial development costs of the project. This includes the artist wages for our September 2018 season, cost of puppets, set and costume design.

Any donation is greatly appreciated. Below an indication of what your donation will pay for:

$50 you hire one light to illuminate beautiful shadow puppets
$100 you make it possible to print postcards for our marketing collateral
$250 you purchase costumes for our cast
$500 you purchase all props for the performance
$1000 you hire our venue for our development showing
$2000 you hire the sound system for non-traditional performance spaces
$5000 you cover the cost of our cast for 1 week

Follow the project on our website:

Photography by Jolanta Opiola

Matriark Theatre is a Sydney-based arts organisation dedicated to creating and facilitating new work that is visually stunning and takes people on a journey of the imagination. We are currently in residence with the City of Sydney as part of the Creative Live/Work program, dedicating ourselves to becoming part of the cultural fabric of the Waterloo and Green Square areas. We also run workshops in schools and venues all around Sydney and the greater Sydney region.

Matriark builds worlds made of stories, inviting everyone to explore life through a lens of enchantment, delight and imagination. Our mission is outworked in the following key objectives:

– To create high quality and original artistic works

– To encourage new audiences to experience Australian theatre and performance

– To create meaningful, professional opportunities for young and emerging artists

– To educate children in the arts and creative learning


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