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UNLOCKED | August – September 2020

Murray Arts are currently seeking assistance to fund UNLOCKED, a micro-grant scheme for local (North East Border region) creatives during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The creative industries are one of the hardest hit by COVID-19, with up to 75% of those employed in the field set to lose their job. With a high level of casual, freelance and sole traders across all art forms, they have been left with very little support. It is imperative that we do all that we can to support them during this uncertain time.

The fund has already assisted 60+ artists in the North East Border region from across all 6 local government areas in the Murray Arts footprint, to collaborate and create during June and July.

UNLOCKED has been funded primarily through Murray Arts for the first 2 months, with assistance from HotHouse Theatre, The Flying Fruit Fly Circus, Towong Shire Council and private donations, but for it to continue help is needed.

We are seeking assistance to fund the August and September rounds of UNLOCKED.

We call on you now to look at all of the ways that these important industries affect our lives. Have you been binge-watching Netflix during the pandemic? Did you attend the Write Around the Murray festival last year? (How good was it?!) When we are not locked down do you enjoy going to the SS&A Club to listen to some live music? Or theatre at The Cube? Or maybe you are more of a gallery kind of person? Oh, your kid had a work in the Year 12 Art Show at MAMA last year? Cool. Now it is time to recognise just how much of your leisure time is enabled by the people who work in these industries.

If you are an art-loving member of our community – thank you. Please wait for us. But in the meantime, please consider donating the money that you may have saved on creative activities during isolation to the UNLOCKED fund.

Coffee for a week= $35
Netflix $13+Spotify $11+Disney+ $9+Audible $16 = $43
Dinner $100+tickets $50 = $150
A weekend away: Dinner $150+petrol $50+ accommodation $150+tickets $150=$550

Donations will be used to pay artists $333 to work for a day, or for artists to collaborate with other creative professionals to create a project.

Collaborators can apply for up to $2000 which can be used to pay for venue hire, artist fees, materials and/or equipment.

By contributing to the UNLOCKED project you are making a difference to our local creative industries and the professionals that work in them. The creative industries contribute over 2 billion dollars a year to the Australian economy. When we hit the recovery phase we will turn to them to help drive visitation and tourism to our regions. However, if artists cannot get opportunities here now, why would they stay if they can get opportunities elsewhere? Would you?

To find out more including videos of previous UNLOCKED recipients please go to the Murray Arts website.

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