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UneARThed Street: The T-Shirt Venture

UneARThed is a social enterprise with a mission to empower artists affected by homelessness. This project aims to provide our artists with assistance so they can design, produce and sell T-shirts. Help us get started!

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UneARThed is a social enterprise dedicated to empowering artists affected by homelessness. We are on a journey to eradicate the stigma that surrounds this community.

UneARThed engages with art groups in homeless shelters and we enable the artists within to produce, display and celebrate their artwork. We have previously run events like exhibitions and galleries and produced various types of merchandise. For our next venture, we are seeking funding to assist our artists in the process of designing, producing and selling T-shirts.

Following some successful test runs, we are ready to launch a collection designed by one of our artists: Joseph.

This project’s benefits are two-fold. The first is the financial benefits for artists that are involved with our program. Half the profits from every T-shirt sale go directly to them, and for the last artist involved in this venture, we raised over $800 in just a few months.

Secondly, this venture creates meaningful dialogue about homelessness. It is our mission to challenge the stigma facing the homeless community, and we do so by showcasing the incredible designs that our artists come up with. It creates a platform for those affected by homelessness to express their own stories on their own terms to a wide audience, and provoke discussion about solving homelessness through empowerment.

Receiving funding would reduce our production costs and enable us to provide better margins to our artists and lower prices for those buying the T-shirts.

We are seeking $1650 to make this happen. The T-shirt venture will cost approximately $3000 across production, packaging, marketing and distribution. We pay an average of $23 to print one T-shirt from ethically sourced fair trade dealers, and we plan on producing 100 with new designs from Joseph. This will cost a total of $2300. We estimate another $200 will be required to source packaging and print the artist biographies that accompany every purchase. Another $500 we expect to spend on marketing through social media and traditional methods like flyers and pop-up stalls around the Perth area.

So far, we are able to contribute $500 to this project from our own funds, and the estimated revenues would help us cover a further $850 of the cost. However, we still need $1650 more to make this a viable reality.

Any funding will help us more effectively help our artists. It will help us create a more steady stream of income for them and facilitate dialogue for meaningful change in how we approach homelessness as a society.

We are on a journey to fight the stigma of homelessness. We hope you can join us.

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UneARThed is a social enterprise that aims to empower artists affected by homelessness to tell their own stories and fight the stigma they face every day. We want to celebrate the talent and diversity in the homeless community while raising awareness for the more human side of the issue.

One way we do that is by exhibiting their artwork, running events, galleries and participating at various artisan markets. The other is by printing t-shirts designed by our artists, which we sell online and at pop-up stalls.

To date, we have produced three designs, which are available for sale on our website, but we would like to do more. Currently, we are seeking funding to expand the collection of printed t-shirts we offer, so we can empower more artists to tell their stories, and work to fight the stigma of homelessness.

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