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Unbroken: An Exhibition

A multimedia exhibition presenting important social and cultural stories of a diverse and inclusive group of Australians that explores trauma, resilience and personal discovery.

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Unbroken is a unique multi-artform project that celebrates a group of Australians who have embraced their imperfections and discovered strength in their traumas.
With a strong focus on inclusivity, ten diverse individuals share deeply moving stories of vulnerability and resilience, bringing attention to many current social issues such as loss, body image, sexuality and gender, disability, racism, mental illness, asylum seeking and sexual assault.

As they were painted, each participant exemplified the essence of the Kintsugi art form through the sharing of their experiences, expressing confidence and self-acceptance of themselves and their bodies. Braiden Asciak, Producer

About the Exhibition

Unbroken: An Exhibition will be presented in the Angela Robarts-Bird Gallery at Gasworks Arts Park during Midsumma Festival 2019, Australia’s leading queer arts and cultural organisation, for and by people who identify as LGBTQIA+.

The exhibition will run for three weeks from January 21st to February 10th with an opening night event featuring live performances by the project’s queer participants Lady Zee and Achala. These events will be FREE to attend and visit.

A projection highlighting the project and its participants will be installed to complement the portrait photography.

We want audiences to experience these stories and meet these incredible people. With your 100% tax-deductible donations we can be sure that happens.

What will you be contributing to?

In May this year you helped us raise over $7,000. These donations went directly into the production of Unbroken, paying for sound crew, photography, catering, travel and camera equipment across the two and a half weeks spent shooting these incredibly powerful stories in Victoria and New South Wales.

Gasworks Arts Park understands the power of these stories, working within our budget to help us present Unbroken their gallery and performance spaces for our Midsumma event.

However, additional costs are involved to put on an exhibition involving TEN video installations. We want audiences to experience these stories in a uniquely intimate way that they cannot get online. Your donations will go towards the printing of feature portrait photography on canvas, additional audio-visual equipment as well as for post-production and marketing materials such as a photography souvenir book.

Our team looks forward to seeing you at Midsumma 2019!

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My creativity can be characterised by my fascination with people and the various challenges that effects us. For most of my creative Journey that has manifested in the films and documentaries I have made and in more recent years I have started to use body art as my method of exploration and expression.




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