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U.B.U: A Cautionary Tale of Catastrophe

A bawdy, satirical and haunting glimpse into our future. U.B.U forces us to ask “how bad is bad enough?” and to take stock of our own relationship and contribution to the global crisis which is climate change.

Days Left

A bizarre and hilarious adaptation of Alfred Jarry’s UBU Roi. A satirical and grotesque look at our relationship to humanity’s biggest challenge….the climate crisis.

“What will it take to make us stop and take action?”

Director: Richard Hilliar
Company: Tooth and Sinew

10 – 21st of September at the Bordello Room in the Kings Cross Hotel.

In Paris 1896, Alfred Jarry’s scandalous play UBU Roi sent audiences into an outrage. It was childish, obscene, disrespectful and downright rude…. And we have every intention of honouring that in our 2019 adaptation!

We are unapologetic in our desire to entertain, shock and disgust. Drawing from the original play, U.B.U is a piece which explores humanity in its endless greed and love of over-consumption, leading to an imminent apocalypse.
……..But always being funny, of course…..

U.B.U will be completely unlike any other theatrical experiences in Sydney. We’ve incorporated elements of bouffon, burlesque, vaudeville and puppetry. U.B.U is downright good ol’ fashion entertainment with a strong heart and a real desire to inspire change.

An undertaking like this requires both time and money. Our history of operating as a small, self-funded company has demonstrated time and time again that we can deliver great theatre on a minuscule budget. What we do need help in though, is ensuring that our team of 15 artists be recognised for their tireless dedication to entertaining audiences and creating this crazy yet important piece of theatre.

Here’s is how you can partner with us:
• $1500 will co-contribute to the payment of the theatre hire and constructing the physical world through set, costumes and lighting.
• $1500 will go directly towards increasing the artist’s nominal fee.

With your assistance, we can unleash U.B.U onto Sydney audiences and start to challenge the “she’ll be right” attitude we all have towards climate change.

Thank you!

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The company was created to fight. To fight boredom. To fight convention. To fight stagnancy.

The company was created to grapple. To grapple with ideas. To grapple with the word. To grapple with the body.

The company was created to oppose. To oppose the traditional. To oppose the expected. To oppose the easy way out.

And the company will do what it was created for. By any means necessary.