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Azariah’s U.S. Master’s degree

In August, I’ll be making the big move to the United States to study a Masters in Composition and Experimental Sound Practices at the California Institute of the Arts. Donations to this fund will support tuition fees.

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Beginning in September, I will be undertaking a Master’s degree at the California Institute of the Arts. I will be majoring in Composition and Experimental Sound Practices, and focusing on composing music for contemporary dance.

CalArts is one of the best-regarded art institutions in the world, and actively encourages and facilitates inter-disciplinary collaboration between students. In addition to developing my craft through the degree itself, this opportunity will allow me to form creative partnerships with people from a range of backgrounds and disciplines, which will be an integral part of my career after the project is complete.

Contemporary dance in Australia is respected around the world, with works and companies touring internationally every year, and Australian dancers working in some of the top companies around the world. There is also a strong culture of collaboration with Australian composers who create music for dance, which has increased the vibrancy and artistry of many Australian dance works. I have been developing my practice as a composer for dance over the past four years, and have composed for over thirty dance works in that time. I have also been researching the interaction between music and dance, and investigating new ways for these forms to engage with each other. This degree will provide me with the perfect opportunity to hone both the creative and academic aspects of this interest. While the majority of this endeavour has been funded, I am currently raising money to cover the costs of tuition fees.

All donations to this fund will be supporting the costs of tuition. I have been awarded a Fulbright postgraduate scholarship from the Australian-American Fulbright Commission, and the Lillian Disney scholarship from CalArts, which together cover the majority of my costs. The remaining tuition fees are around $15,000 per year, and I will be covering the majority of this with personal savings. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated, as it will lift some of the financial burden, allowing me to spend more time focusing on my studies and creative projects.


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Azariah Felton is a musician and composer from Perth, Western Australia, who specialises in composing music for contemporary dance. His work encompasses a rage of genres, but retains a focus on texture and rhythm. Collaboration is central to his practice, and he enjoys working with other artists to create music that compliments their creative vision.
Projects that Azariah has composed forhave been performed around Australia, as well as in Aucklandl (NZ), Montpellier Dance Festival (France), and the Bienalle di Venezia Danza (Italy).

Supported by a Fulbright Postgraduate scholarship, Azariah is about to embark on a two-year Masters program at the California Institute of the Arts, to develop his creative practice and research the interaction between dance and music.


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