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I am currently preparing to film the first feature film that I have written and will be directing.
The project is a topic I am passionate about after seeing the heartache my brother went through (and still goes through at times) with not being able to spend time with his kids.


When Sandy, Adrian’s wife and Alex’s mother, abruptly removes Adrian from the family home he is left struggling with confusion, loss, anger and desperation.

Adrian journeys to the darkest places of his psyche; full of anger, despair, and unspeakable loss and confusion. Adrian wrestles with the soul crushing despair, and battles to retain his humanity. To survive, he is forced to makes choices that are a world apart from the life he once knew. Through it all, Adrian clings to the hope of being reunited with his son again.

Twisted by madness, will the man ever regain his life? Adrian’s doctor believes so, and makes a determined effort to lead Adrian to a truth more terrible than what he believes.

In the vein of Not Without My Daughter, Twisted is an intense portrayal of the despair that a father is driven to in order to regain his son.


I am filming partly in rural Victoria and I am a female writer/director creating a feature film. I already have distribution options available, my script has been worked on by other people to make sure it is of the highest quality and I hope to bring a film to the screen that touches people.

I recently heard that every year 21 fathers commit suicide because they are not able to see their kids. I believe that there needs to be more accountability in custody issues and more focus needs to be on the best interests of the kids rather than the parents.

Please support

All donations will go towards the production and post production of the project.

I need skilled people to help film the project because of the sensitive nature of the film.

The funds will be used to purchase a lot of water and food for on set as it gets really hot in Nyah West and I need to maintain the health of the cast and crew.

As it is also 5 hours from Melbourne there will be a need to accommodate some of the cast and crew and pay for them to get there.

Considering that it will take a minimum of 28 days to film the project, it is a massive undertaking to complete.

Thank you for your support.

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Leanne’s dissatisfaction with the inequality in film and TV pushes her to find ways to learn around sets and she has gained valuable knowledge regarding how the actors and crews interact with each other and valuable skills for both crew and on screen work.

Leanne began her own production company Passion Media Productions because she wanted to create some memorable and life changing films where ‘normal’ is actually represented in the films. In 2013 Leanne began thinking about script writing and wrote a short film script ‘Love in Motion’, which she also directed.

Leanne has been working in the industry in some notable TV shows. Five seasons of Wentworth, various appearances on Winners and Losers and Neighbors. Films include, The Cup, 10 Terrorists, Healing, the award winning Tropfest film ‘We’ve all been there’. In recent years she has supported films here and in the United states. ‘Touch’ by director Dawn Fields USA, ‘Found’ by director Dawn Fields USA, ‘Short Distance’ by director Nic Barker AUS, the award winning film The Dead Guy in the Trunk’ directed by Lucas Scheffel AUS and Red Sky Candidate 5238 directed by Stewart Marshall AUS.

In 2014 Leanne saw the need for a premium diverse film festival and branch out. She successfully ran the POP international film festival, which has now become an annual film festival that complements the work she is currently doing. Due to this successful outcome she is negotiating with regional locations to be able to repeat screen the festival in country Victoria in the future.


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