Anne Harris

Community Arts & Cultural Development

Tree Place – Community, Art and Environment

An ancient tree fell and was saved. This tree is inspiration for a series of workshops and exhibitions that celebrate connection, art and environment. These will be shared online and in community spaces.

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Where an ancient tree stood, a new sapling sprouts from its stump, the tree that fell was saved from wood-chipping and creates the foundation for new connections, and celebrates the resilience of nature, and the learning and sense of well-being that comes from our relationship with trees.

There will be a series of workshop that engages people in their surroundings, using trees as the teacher for learning and natural materials.

Also included as part of these workshops will be artist-in-residence placements in public galleries to share the process and the story of Tree Place. The stories of the community, people, artists and trees that are part of this journey will also be shared online so that an international audience can participate.

In 2018 the journey comes full circle with a curated exhibition that showcases the journey of the Tree Place in the community and through the works of a selection of artists that have engaged physically and metaphorically with the Tree. This uses creativity as the voice to create communities that grow far wider than the eye sees. It explores, craft and process, responses to environment, history, culture and materials.

Your donation will be used to help pay for the setting up and materials needed for this project, including website, marketing and the foundations so that this project will be possible. This will help subsidise the workshops so that they are accessible to as many people as possible. It also means that artists and people involved can be fairly paid and the stories of trees, community ,art and environment can be shared to inspire people, where-ever their place may be.

I am a contemporary artist working on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Using traditional techniques and combining these with experimental processes, I use plants and natural materials to discover and record the stories of the world around me. Using my art practice to learn about culture, history, environment and connect to people and community.

Taking these ideas and sharing them via workshops and exhibitions to inspired new dialogue about the possibilities for the future, is a big part of the process. Using Art as a voice helps break down boundaries and ensures that traditional knowledge is kept alive, and brought into a contemporary space where it becomes relevant to a new way of thinking.

I have studied a certificate in drawing, sculpture at Tom Bass Studio and Fine Art at Sydney College of the Arts, combined with master classes in various related disciplines. I am the recipient of three RADF grants and a finalist in the 2015 The Churchie National Emerging Art Prize, 2016 Cambridge Art Prize, 2016 Moreton Bay Art Award and the 2016 Milburn Art Prize.

My first solo exhibition was held at Noosa Regional Gallery in 2015.


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