Paper Mountain

Community Arts & Cultural Development

Transformation 2021

PAPER MOUNTAIN’s mission is to work towards social change, community justice and the growth and expression of emerging artists.

We create arts events and program that are distinctive, exceptional, and inclusive.

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Paper Mountain is a community-led arts organisation in Boorloo (Perth). Established in 2011 by four art school graduates with a dream for a collaborative studio and contemporary arts gallery, we have since expanded to become an event space which plays host to a range of media, including performance art and virtual experiences.

In our 10th year, we are transforming Paper Mountain to better facilitate social change and community justice. By providing a space to share our linked histories and shared futures, and supporting creative and cultural expression, so that we can engage minority and marginalised communities.

We will focus on making room for these communities and their voices, amplifying their message.

We will provide artists with resources to help them create and share their transformative work.

We will help foster the relationships between artists, audiences, and communities.

With a focus on minority and marginalized groups, our mission is to drive positive change by empowering artists to make and share transformative creative work which heals, challenges, and inspires. Our new programs and expanded initiatives include:

▲ NEW PEAKS: A collaborative, curated show series across all art forms. Emerging artists with smaller portfolios can contribute pieces to gain experience and exposure.

▲ SUMMIT FESTIVAL: A three-day festival exhibiting the best works from New Peaks, along with live performances, workshops and artists talks.

▲ BEDROCK NATION: A two weeklong celebration of First Nation artists who will exhibit their work for free at Paper Mountain, as well as lead talks and workshops.

▲ Events centred around NAIDOC, Pride and Mental Health weeks, as well as other community related beats.

▲ Free or subsidized studio space for First Nations artists.

▲ Workshops for school students, bringing the messages in art to a younger audience.

Art has the power to transform ideas and drive positive social and cultural change, even long after it has been created or experienced. Something happens when we create art, consume art, interact with art, and when we’re moved or influenced by art.

Art is curious and joyful; it is transformative and knowledgeable.

Art is powerful; it critiques systems of inequality, exploitation, and division.

Art dissects cultural barriers, expands compassion, and explores personal truths.

Join us and our community in this transformative journey.

Paper Mountain is a Perth based artist run initiative with a gallery, co-working space (The Common Room) and studios, located in the heart of Northbridge, WA.

Paper Mountain presents a top notch program of surprising new art and ideas, and is dedicated to supporting a broad span of contemporary art projects. Our space is malleable and we use it to nurture experimentation, to challenge artists’ practices, and to encourage collaboration and skill/resource sharing.

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