Trampoline Death Machine


Trampoline Death Machine

Trampoline Death Machine are a no-nonsense nonsensical band.
Forming at age 15, TDM have grown up playing together. Now 20, and (somewhat) matured, their music has mutated from rock, to rolling on the floor in hysteria.

Days Left

After releasing their debut EP ‘Gasoline Washing Machine’ in 2017, TDM then conjured a conceptual double record titled ‘The Delirium of Viking’, released February 29th 2020. Mere weeks later, TDM, as well as the rest of the world, were forced into lockdown.

Unable to continue playing in person, TDM plugged in, turned on, and took off. The restriction of social isolation led to a whole new realm of creativity: computer based digital-rock. Metronomic loop based drum recordings, and a mad-scientist’s selection of synths, morphed TDM from a rare breed, into a full blown mutant alien.
Now out of lockdown (for who knows how long), TDM are recording their 3rd record.
The mad scientists in the laboratory have discovered time travel, and are integrating classical string instruments such as cello and violin, into a live rock band setting.
TDM can, will, and have recorded all of this themselves. However, our friend James Clifton is turning our raw recordings into polished pieces. We need to pay him to do this, hence why we would like a grant.

The prompt asked me: Why is this project important to you?
That’s a weird question to answer… I’ve put 5 years of my life into this project. These songs are like horcrux’s to me. I don’t know where my passion comes from, but I know where it goes. These songs have had blood, sweat, and tears poured into them. And, I hope they will bring smiles, happiness, and dance-moves to those who listen to them.

One of my key goals as an artist is to progress music forward. I hear too many bands try and re-create their favourite music from the 60’s. Whilst I love a lot of music from the 60’s, and also the revivalist bands of today, a part of me still finds this disappointing. Of course one has to learn from the genius’ of the past, but I believe that they should be trying to invent new stuff! The year is 2020, and the music coming out should sound like it!
That’s what I’m trying to do: make music that sounds like the year 2020.
The prompt also asked me, Why should others help you?:
If you want to listen to new music that sounds new, help me help you.

The donations will be used to make the music.
The money will be used to pay our post-producer, James Clifton, to mix and master our upcoming 2 records. With this money, James will also be able to expand his own musical horizons, as he too is a modern artist making modern music. Thus, the money will go twice as far, from one artist and onto another.


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Trampoline Death Machine are a wildcard band with a bit of pop on top.

TDM have been playing since 2015! We released an EP in 2017, ‘Gasoline Washing Machine’, and a conceptual double LP about a record that becomes self aware, ‘The Delirium of Viking’.

Throughout lockdown we’ve created another record, which takes things in a whole new direction.

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