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Toy Symphony

Gavin Roach presents the Victorian Premiere of Michael Gow’s Toy Symphony, directed by Sarah Vickery and performing as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival 2019.

Days Left

Roland Henning has writer’s block. When he tries to explain the situation to a therapist, his story begins to tumble back and forth between his childhood and his work as a playwright. At the root of it all is that extraordinary day in primary school which shattered his boyhood and plunged him headlong into the dizzy circus of life and art.

Toy Symphony was written at a time when white privilege, and the consciousness of toxic behaviour within the arts was not challenged; this production aims to challenge it. Using the aesthetics of grotesque horror, this production explores the toxicity of power, masculinity, heteronormativity and queer misogyny.

The work probes societies nerve endings to expose the current politics around white ownership of the Australian landscape, education and the unfiltered objectification of women, innocence and the blind narcissism of ‘self.’ This Toy Symphony is a surrealistic nightmare for anyone who isn’t afraid to rage against the machine.

The creative team feel that it is incredibly important to bring Australian voices to the stage and give them as wide an audience as possible.

All funds raised will go directly to the set and costume costs, ensuring that the story the creative vision of the work is fully realised.

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In 2016, Gavin Roach adapted Daniel Witthaus’ book BEYOND PRISCILLA for the stage, which he produced at Gas Works. He was the writer/performer of CONFESSIONS OF A GRINDR ADDICT, which debuted at Sydney Fringe (2011), and has toured the show both locally and abroad. Since then, Gavin has written and performed several other one-man shows; GETTING MY DAILY GRIND (2011), ANY WOMB WILL DO (Sydney, Melbourne, New Zealand), I CAN’T SAY THE ‘F’ WORD (Melbourne, Perth, New Zealand) and he is currently touring his latest work, THE MEASURE OF A MAN. His directing credits include WOLF LULLABY (2006), LIEBRE ARCHIE (2009), and IN THE COMPANY OF ANTS (2010).

Gavin, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, Acting for the Screen and Stage (2003) and a Bachelor of Arts, Acting for the Screen and Stage (Honours), from C.S.U. (2006), he also holds a Masters in Arts Management from U.T.S. (2011). Gavin most recently completed his Masters in Writing for Performance at VCA (2015).

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