Alice Heyward & Megan Payne


Tongue rolls between smiles (Perth)

A 2-week residency at Fremantle Arts Centre to develop our ongoing performance project Tongue rolls between smiles; to perform the work at PSAS and offer a public workshop.

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Our work Tongue rolls between smiles takes form as a dance, a poem and in the relationship between both. It’s a score for performance that produces exchange between language and bodies, blurring the distinction between self and other, relocating subjectivity. The work is itinerant, re-developed and performed in different contexts and locations.

We have been offered a residency at Fremantle Arts Centre to continue our creative process and need support to fund our return travel from Melbourne to Perth. The residency will give us uninterrupted time and access to quality studio space to elaborate and specify the physical material we have developed thus far, in relation to its co-written companion poem which we also will keep evolving. The intensive nature of this residency is necessary for us to experiment with new spatial installations of our dance and text, a strong vision for the future of this work.

Fremantle Arts Centre has a demonstrated history of supporting and strengthening artistic processes for emerging artists. Completing an Artist in Residence program in these conditions is an opportunity that may not be possible again, due to fortunate availability from each organisation supporting us. It’s crucial that we harness this opportunity now. We are at a stage in this development where we need to invest in studio research and experimentation that isn’t truncated or intermittent. The fact that this work has been commissioned in 3 contexts through 12 performances speaks to its quality and potential. Now, we have the opportunity to substantially invest in our work, which requires deeper research, only possible through concentrated time and space.

Presenting this work in Melbourne allowed us to gain knowledge about different audience experiences, which will help us continue to meaningfully develop the work.

Your donations will be used to purchase two return plane tickets Melbourne – Perth $1100; to support our stay through a per diem covering basic living costs $1020; associated costs for presenting our work (at PSAS) $200. The Fremantle Arts Centre residency costs are covered through in kind support.

This project will see our work undergo a period of intensive research and development, culminating in a public performance at PSAS for local audiences. To perform our work in a new context, with different audiences, is an attractive prospect after its 3 experimental performances in Melbourne. Through the sharing of our work, we hope to create dialogues and foster relationships with WA-based artists and audiences that can continue into the future.

We will conduct a workshop for local dancers to share the physical practices that this work develops and explore ways text can be written through our dance, strengthening its performativity as a document.

Image Credits: 1.4.5 Jacqui Shelton 2. Keelan O’Hehir. 3 Jarred Beeler


Alice Heyward & Megan Payne





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Alice Heyward is a dancer and choreographer. Graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts in 2013, she has presented her work at Dancehouse, Melbourne (Keir Choreographic Award, 2016), Murray White Room, Sophiensaele in Tanztage 2017 (Berlin), Kunsthaus KuLe (Performing Arts Festival Berlin), adastudio at Uferstudios (Berlin), Next Wave festival 2018, Bus Projects and The Watermill Center (USA), and collaborates regularly in the work of other artists as a dancer and performer.

Megan Payne is a dancer, choreographer and writer living in Naarm. After graduating from the Victorian College of the Arts (2013), they danced with Russell Dumas’ Dance Exchange at Larret Cultural-Centre (France), The Body Festival (Christchurch), for Reorienting the Post Colonial Symposium at Institute of PostColonial Studies and for Dance Remains at Monash University Museum of Art. Megan has co-authored work with Ellen Davies for Melbourne Fringe Festival, TCB Art Inc; with Leah Landau for Memphis Gardens; with Alice Heyward for FUR Hairdressing, Bus Projects in Lessons from Dancing, curated by Zoe Theodore; and TO DO/TO MAKE at 215 Albion Street, Brunswick curated by Zoe Theodore and Shelley Lasica. Megan also works in the processes of other artists.


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