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Tomorrow Has Gone

A young woman delves into her emotions in order to find a secret locked away in her mind … The feature film will portray the struggles of Annie, a young woman attempting to recall a memory she doesn’t want to remember.

Days Left

Tomorrow Has Gone is one part of a diptych of sorts, in film form. Its other half is my previous feature film, Wakefulness, which has a timeline running parallel to the events taking place in Tomorrow Has Gone.

The film will be a visceral emotional journey, following the daily turmoil and tribulations of a woman who sees the world differently to most others. The story itself is a mostly solitary piece, with the the lead character’s life and her reactions to coping with it depicted through predominantly visual storytelling techniques, following her interactions with the world in a more simplistic manner. Moods and emotions are conveyed not simply by showing the actor’s portrayal of these feelings, but through the use of dynamic photography, sound and spoken word.

The film will be made exclusively in Tasmania, supporting the young but emerging film industry within the state as a whole, as well as its people on a more individual level – the backbone of any film industry. This project will showcase not only the unique and diverse landscape of Tasmania, but also its equally unique and diverse people. My overall goal is to work with talented and committed individuals, those who can form the foundations for a sustainable and continually growing screen industry within the state in the time to come, using this project as a springboard towards further enrichment of the creative culture in Tasmania, and by extension, the whole country. An industry which will go on to employ and educate not only those who live in Tasmania, but others from the rest of the country and all over the world. People who can bring their skills and talents to the state in order to further develop this home grown creative landscape.

The funds I’m asking for through the ACF will go towards “nuts and bolts” costs of the filmmaking process. These include travel expenses, buying food for the cast and crew, equipment costs wherever needed, insurance and location fees. If there is anything left over, hopefully a small monetary token will be made available for the dedicated cast and crew. Although, all who have already agreed to participate in the project have done so without the promise of financial compensation, giving up their skills and time for free. It is our passion for the story and the determination to tell it which drives us on. This being said, everyone has bills, and a little bit can go a long way to sustaining a career in the motion picture industry. In short – every little bit helps!

Updates on the production will be made regularly via our Twitter page (@popcornandrice), and even more information can be obtained by visiting our website

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A writer, director and photographer, Shaun has published several novels and short stories, as well as writing, directing, shooting and producing seven short films and, most recently, his debut feature film entitled WAKEFULNESS.

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