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Anxiety affects one in five people globally, but is rarely discussed. Together-Alone offers a new perspective on how we understand mental health challenges by sharing the beauty and triumph of those who combat them.

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Creator of Together-Alone Dorith Mous, believes there is a large ‘forgotten’ demographic when it comes to the mental health topic.

In her words: “Most available information paints a picture of sad, dark, hopeless people. However I continually come across sufferers who, whilst debilitated by their anxieties left-right-and-center, exude positive energy. They are talented, intelligent and successful who don’t fit the stereotype. Despite this, they unanimously voice a feeling of aloneness and a fear of being stigmatized.

Together-Alone is a series of intimate portraits featuring defiant individuals who are finding their feet and their voice through combating their challenges with mental health. I hope to inspire those suffering in silence to speak out and more broadly; I aim to re-frame current perceptions, break stigma and create discourse for change.”

Benzodiazipines, amphatamines, SSRIs, BetaBlockers and tricyclics are flying across the counter in numerous countries, but where is the drive to understand the underlying issues? How can we learn from and help each other?

I believe creating an image that is easy to identify with can help thousands if not more. Identification leads to (self)education, which fuels change, which eventually can cause for cure or prevention to be found.

Using art to support a movement is my way to speak to an audience. My projects have always revolved around the power of emotion to trigger willingness to change and I believe Together-Alone will do just that.

An incredible team of creatives is moving this important project forward and is working around the clock to broaden the movement. Rome wasn’t built in a day and certainly not by the hands of one.

We have come this far with mere talent, passion, time and effort but we know continuing to make a change is a shared mission.

Your donation is highly valued and paramount in order to create more episodes, starting by shooting Episode Two in Tasmania the first week of April 2019, in which Together-Alone lends the stage to a young successful truffle farmer who was introduced to depression in his 20’s while taking his place in the limelight.

Your donation will go towards compensating crew members that have so far put in their time and knowledge on pro-bono basis, covering equipment rental, post production costs such as editing studios, color grading and all other expenses that come into play when film making.

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Dutch multi-hyphenate Dorith Mous was seemingly born into her art – gaining beautiful knowledge of physical form and being able to capture depth from a subject through her own nomadic experience as a fashion model for over nearly two decades.

Having moved fluidly from a storied career in front of the lens to one behind it, as a photographer and filmmaker, Dorith elicits an artful finesse of the soul from the body – one in which her subjects both exude and challenge archetypes of beauty. Shooting mainly black-and-white film, she tries to capture that obscurity in the gap between who someone is seen as and who someone is beneath the surface.

With her successful debut exhibition in New York City, entitled IamYOU, and her current project Together-Alone, Dorith continues to create awareness by means of this same harrowing honesty that permeates through her portraiture of subjects.


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