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The Tiwi Strong Women’s Collection

It is important for collaborations to have a strong community voice and allow creative development to be guided by the artist’s ideas. We are fundraising for our photoshoot to be documented with artists on country.

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The Tiwi Strong Women’s Collection is being developed in collaboration with three remote Tiwi Art Centres. Each garment features hand-screen printed and hand painted fabrics created by Indigenous artists and each garment sold will provide income to artists – providing a source of income to their remote desert community.

The mission of NORTH is to facilitate the economic agency of remote Aboriginal artists and art centres by generating business and creating meaningful employment opportunities. In turn, we aim to strengthen community pride and agency.

Our samples are ready, our artists are excited, but it’s coming to crunch time and we need financial support to get us over the line!

Your contribution will make an absolutely markable difference in enabling us to launch The Tiwi Strong Women’s Collection, which would not be possible without philanthropic support.

– $2,000 worth of garments – samples for photography for artists.
– Photography on community, in the Tiwi Islands featuring 6 artists from across Melville and Bathurst Islands.

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NORTH acknowledges that our business activities take place on Aboriginal land. We are committed to conducting a viable enterprise that respects culture, land, language and self-determination.

Aboriginal culture has ancient heritage and today it thrives and has evolved to incorporate new ways of sharing story. As such, screen-printing and other textile practice signifies a new medium to share story and a new space for artists to develop creatively.

NORTH exists as a vessel to celebrate, support and broaden the exposure of textile design by Indigenous artists living remotely on their country.

Working together with top end art centres and Australian craftspeople, we are dedicated to honouring the cultural importance and significance of storytelling through the means in which we communicate with our artists, customers and partners. Working in this way ensures that transaction of goods is never deprived of human connection and meaning.

NORTH’s goal is to be a profitable business with a deep social impact aim promoting Indigenous engagement, employment and self sufficiency. Since its inception in December 2015, we have created and produced five collections comprising cushions, lifestyle goods, commercial upholstery fabrics and silk sleepwear. We have also laid the groundwork for a silk fashion collaboration.


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