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Tina Harrod – a new album.

I am in the process of writing and recording my fifth studio album. It is a collaboration with musician and producer/engineer Stu Hunter who is a long time colleague and friend of mine.

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The artistic rationale for my fifth full length studio album is a reflection of my evolution as both an artist and as a woman. I want to create an album that is innovative, fresh and challenging.

As brief background, I moved to a unique, semi-rural environment that is only accessible by boat. This environment has inspired me to further explore something that was beginning to emerge in my last album The Revolution is Eternal, marrying the use of technology with acoustic-based instruments and the natural world. The rationale for this new work is to juxtapose the soundscape of the natural environment (of the island and surrounding areas) with that of the city which is only a short boat ride away. I have been recording myself singing as I collect firewood and some of these recordings have been used as beds for the new material. This exploration is unchartered and exciting territory for me which I think my audience will love. My goal is to create something that isn’t easy to define but which still incorporates already recognisable genres including blues, jazz, punk & soul.

I have released four full length studio recordings: Shacked Up in Paradise 2004, Worksongs 2008, Temporary People 2009, and The Revolution is Eternal 2013.

The album Worksongs which was recorded live in the studio in one day, won the AIR (Australian Independent Recording Association) Award for ‘Best Jazz Album’ in 2008 and the prestigious Jazz Bell award for ‘Best Australian Jazz Vocal Album in 2009.

Temporary People, an album of original songs recorded and mixed by US engineer Helik Hadar, well known for his work with Herbie Hancock, Joni Mitchell & Rufus Wainwright, was nominated for a Bell Award in 2010. To demonstrate the enormous critical acclaim this album generated, it was nominated among the top ten albums for The Age in 2009, the top ten albums for the same year by The Sydney Morning Herald and it was included in ABC Radio National’s Top 10 Albums of that year.

My latest album The Revolution is Eternal was recorded in Sydney with Stu Hunter as Producer with Hunter adding the electronic medium that would take the album into a whole new area for me.

Reviews for The Revolution is Eternal:
“…This album is a miracle. Like Eartha Kitt in a contemporary context, blowing your mind with its lyrical content and luscious sonic capability, Harrod’s voice cuts through your day/emotions/love/stress/panic/ennui and gives the gift of musical ascension.”
Arne Sjostedt – SMH

“… This remarkable achievement is easily Harrod’s finest album to date…”
John Shand – SMH

I am at a point in my career where I have a niche following and I am highly regarded as a unique Australian female vocalist and writer. I have won several awards for my work to date and have received high critical acclaim. Independent filmmaker Rachael Lucas has made a documentary about my life in music to be released in 2017. I am recording an album to coincide with this release.

While the album will be a standalone work with integrated artistic rationale, the release of the film will serve as a powerful marketing tool to support its broader appeal.

We are midway through recording the album and are in need of some additional funding of $10.000 to manage the extra costs that the recording has incurred since we began work on it and to also pay for the manufacturing of cds and publicity and promotion of the album.

All funding I receive through the ACF will go directly toward final production costs, manufacturing of cds, publicity and promotion.

The end result will be my fifth full length studio album of original songs in digital and hard copy form along with the necessary publicity tools to bring it to the attention of media and the public.

Anybody who wants to find out more regarding release dates and performance/launch dates can visit my website www.tinaharrod.com for more information as it comes to hand.


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Award winning vocalist Tina Harrod is one of Australia’s great singers and songwriters.

She delivers a song in a way that few other performers do. She has released 4 highly acclaimed solo albums since 2004 and has travelled and performed extensively throughout Australia and Central Europe. In her writing you hear beautiful poetry married together with finely structured songs that are highly inventive, soulful gems.

Tina has appeared as a headline artist in many major festivals around Australia and in the last two years has appeared in two sold out performances at the Perth International Jazz Festival in 2015 & 2016, Melbourne Jazz Festival with Stu Hunter’s The Migration in 2016, Mullumbimby Music Festival 2016 and Sydney Festival for two huge shows with the Orszaczky Budget Orchestra (aka OBO) in Jan 2017. (voted as the highlight of the festival by John Shand from the SMH).


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