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Timor Leste to Tampere (Finland)

Paulo Almeida, an East Timorese born activist and Arts Manager, seeking to represent Timor Leste music and culture on the world stage at WOMEX 2019 – the planet’s biggest world music expo.

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Paulo Almeida, is a long time activist, original member of The Dili Allstars and cultural ambassador for Timor Leste, taking artists’ unique music and culture to the global market. Paulo is seeking funds to enable this culture to be presented at WOMEX 2019, a global music conference.

Paulo represented Timor Leste in 2018 in the Canary Islands, Spain, where he established and built strong relationships with key stakeholders and decision makers who are very keen to import Timorese culture into their programs and world music festivals across the globe.

Timor Leste has a tumultuous history being colonised by the Portugese and the Indonesians over the past 400 years. With Independence finally gained in 2002, Timor Leste is still a new country who needs support from both philanthropists, especially in the Arts sector.

The Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CLPC), is an international organisation and political association of Lusophone nations across four continents, where Portuguese is an official language.

These Portugese speaking countries – such as Mozambique, Portugal, Brazil, Macau, Angola, Cape Verde – feel a deep connection with Timor Leste and that they have a duty to assist the representation of their culture which has been buried in a precarious history. As we have formed relationships with stakeholders in most CPLP countries, we have uncovered opportunities to collaborate in putting Timor Leste on the cultural map.

We need community support to enable us to be able to serve this highly under-represented section of world culture and arts. Without your support, the artists of Timor remain in isolated anonymity with no platform to present their incredible artistic creations.

Maubere Timor: 

Your donation will go towards getting Maubere Timor, the Veterans music project on the world stage and will help an entire community to finally have the recognition and international exposure that they deserve.

Paulo is an original member of The Dili Allstars, Maubere Timor and works with Ego Lemos and Etson Caminha among other prominent Timor artists. He has wide networks within Timor Leste and Portugal and is the only person who can make this dream a reality for the Veterans, who are both aging and need to ensure that future generations hear their message of struggle, liberation and culture.

If we do not preserve these recordings and ensure their message, a legacy will be lost. You can help get the Maubere Veteran’s to festivals around the globe to ensure that their songs of freedom are a lesson to the world in perseverance, strength and the power of music to shape a nation.

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Paulo is an East Timorese musician,activist and cultural ambassador for Timorese musicians both in Australia,Timor Leste and abroad. Paulo is also the front man for Sol Nation and the Dili Allstars. Paulo has used music as a vehicle to help his motherland get their independence in 2002. Paulo is also an active member of the Melbourne music scene and works for Sona Productions as a booking agent and manager.

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