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Three Poems by Frank Webb

The creation of phase 2 of the feature length film “Three Poems by Frank Webb”.

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In 2019 we made the short film ‘Electric’ based on the work of Australian poetry genius Francis Webb. ‘Electric’ is the 1st production phase of a proposed feature-length film, ‘Three Poems by Frank Webb’. We’re raising funds to complete the next installment.

‘A Drum for Ben Boyd’ is the second phase of our Francis Webb film project. It draws inspiration from a text by Webb of the same name and details the life of Benjamin Boyd, a Scottish entrepreneur and swindler who arrived in Sydney in the 1830’s with a million pounds sterling on loan from London investors. Living like a prince and courted by the Sydney elites, Boyd bought up nearly half of NSW and built a town — Boydtown —before rapidly going bankrupt. Lurching from one disaster to the next, he unsuccessfully tried his luck at the Californian goldfields before dying mysteriously in the South Pacific, supposedly murdered by a cannibal tribe.

This film, with its synthesis of music, poetry and visual drama, will forge a special place in Australian cinema — however, it is not the style of project that conventional film-funding bodies usually financially assist. It is proudly art-cinema, a liquid form of poetry that flows and transmits the depth of the literary genius of Webb in a way that only cinema can. It will shine a long-overdue light on the work of one of Australia’s most significant — but under-recognised — cultural figures, doing so in a way that is expressive of Webb’s own artistic output.

Our passionate cast and crew have already achieved so much with the creation of ‘Electric’ — it is now very exciting to be heading towards phase two of this production! Money raised through our campaign will fund the substantial costs of paying our cast and crew, pay for locations, costumes, production design and post-production. We made ‘Electric’ on a shoe-string budget — around $23,000. ‘A Drum for Ben Boyd’ is a longer and more involved project, and will thus cost more — $50,000. We aim to raise $25,000 of this through our ACF campaign, in addition to applying to other sources for in-kind contributions and grants.

‘Three Poems by Frank Webb’ will be a unique Australian film: powerful, poetic and beautiful, and will stand as a lasting tribute to the incredible life and poetry of Francis Webb.


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Oliver Miller hails from Sydney Australia and has recently completed a Masters in Arts of the Screen at the Australian Film Television and Radio School, with research focused on the convergence of multi-mediality within film.

Oliver has led an eclectic career as a filmmaker, cello player, pianist, composer, arranger, sound engineer, music producer, antique restorer, and photographer, and is a co-founder of the improvising ensembles The NOISE string quartet, Amphibious and Bungarribee. Over the last 9 years, Oliver has worked closely with composer Georges Lentz on String Quartet(s), a 7- hour work for pre-recorded string quartet to be permanently played in the Australian outback in the Cobar Sound Chapel, designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Glenn Murcutt. The CSC has recently been awarded a $200,000 grant by the NSW government to proceed with construction.

Early 2019 saw the completion of Electric, a 23-minute short film focused on the world’s first experiments with shock therapy in Italy 1938. It draws its unique text from a radio-play by Francis Webb, Australia’s great genius of poetry. Electric is currently in submission to major international film festivals. Oliver has also worked closely with a number of director’s composing music for films.


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