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Three Guys

Will, Brian and Gary. Three ordinary mates. Despite their lives moving in different directions, they always find time to hang out, drink beer and talk crap… Until one day, their cherished dynamic is shattered forever.

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THREE GUYS is a short film which focuses on themes of friendship, maturity and depression. Set in the grotty confines of an urban bachelor pad, it tells the tale of three friends, in small snippets, as a decade passes in their lives. But within this small and comforting circle there lies a darkening tide. One within them struggles through days like thickened tar. And like all too many young male friend circles, little is said until it’s too late…

The film, through acclaimed director of Wakefulness, Shaun Hume, and Warner Bros. Black List recognised screenwriter, Kryz Woodhouse, is seeking to see the light of day not only to tell the tale of the complexities of friendship, growing up and finding your place in the world, but also to bring attention to a growing and rarely highlighted issue – depression, anxiety and suicide among young men.

Currently in pre-production, we are seeking the funds to help the film go into full production, as well as promote the project and its message after the film has been put together.

This project is important because it will strive to heighten conversation and push through the boundaries which still hold back the issue of mental health amongst young men. Sensitivity is never an easy subject to broach within any demographic, but the distance between the instances of suicides of young males, compared how many actively talk about and seek help for depression and associated illnesses, is staggering. This alone is more than enough cause for us to ask for help, for YOUR help, to bring this issue to a greater light of day.

Donations will go towards food for the cast and crew, to purchase props and costumes we can’t beg, borrow or steal, rental of equipment, administration costs and to pay for fees to enter the film into local and international festivals, so the word about the story and its cause can have as far a reach as possible. The end result will be a visually unique and thought provoking film, but also one which raises awareness for the plight of those coping with mental illness in Australia.

To lean more about the project, and follow its progress, follow @ThreeGuysFilm on Facebook, or visit

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A writer, director and photographer, Shaun has published several novels and short stories, as well as writing, directing, shooting and producing seven short films and, most recently, his debut feature film entitled WAKEFULNESS.


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