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Thigh Gap

A dark comedy that explores how culture maps itself on women’s bodies and the violence in trying to obtain perfection.

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Two women. One apartment. They’re surrounded by flashy lipstick ads, wellness trends and dating apps. The women self-examine and compare, examine and compare. They’re aiming for something. They’re aiming for a thigh gap and they don’t know why.

Thigh Gap is an absurd, dark comedy that explores the commodification of women’s bodies in a capitalist patriarchy.
Shortlisted for London’s Platform Presents Playwright’s Prize 2019 and recipient of artists residency with Terracina Estate and Lonely Company.

Thigh Gap will be presented by La Mama Theatre 30th October – 10th November 2019. The production brings together a talented team of emerging and established artists. Playwright Jamaica Zuanetti, Director Alice Darling, Dramaturg Keziah Warner, Performers Veronica Thomas & Lauren Mass, Set & Costume Designer Sophie Woodward, Lighting Designers John Collopy & Georgie Wolfe, Stage Manager Jordan Carter and Producer Michaela Bedel.

Thigh Gap speaks to a generation of millennial women. It reiterates issues of shame, self- loathing, beauty standards, disordered eating and dating pressures that have always been present but in a way that is very now and current, with the inclusion of social media, wellness trends and the increased expectation that women ‘do it all’ whilst looking like Victoria’s Secret models.

Thigh Gap is in the zeitgeist; it’s topical and essential to our current political climate. With the rise of the #metoo and #timesup movements, women are speaking up and out. Thigh Gap is for, by and about women.

After a successful staged reading presented by La Mama in September 2018, Thigh Gap will premiere as part of La Mama’s Winter & Spring Season 2019.

With a small amount of cash support we will be able to make set, costume and technical designs that will fully realise the creative potential of the script and creative team. Financial support is the final key to ensuring the work is as professionally executed as possible.

Donations will be used to:
– Build and create props, set, and costume.
– Hire sound and lighting equipment.
– Cover promotional and marketing costs
– Provide artists involved with a small fee for their time and talents.

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Jamaica Zuanetti is a Melbourne based writer.

She has a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) degree from The University of Melbourne. She is an acting graduate of the National Theatre Drama School. In 2015, she graduated with a Master of Writing for Performance from the Victorian College of the Arts, where she was the recipient of the Cassidy Bequest Scholarship.

Her play Too Ready Mirror was presented by Darebin Arts Speakeasy in 2017. In 2019, her second play Thigh Gap was shortlisted for London’s Platform Presents Playwright’s Prize. Her third play The World isn’t Made for Them was selected by NIDA Launchpad for development in 2018.

She was a writer in residence with And Also Presents at Siteworks, and was selected as a creative in residence at the Centre Pompadour in Ercourt, France in 2019. She has worked as a dramaturgy intern on Melbourne Theatre Company’s Cybec Electric season and was selected as a writer in residence with Lonely Company in 2016.

She tutors in Creative Writing at The University of Melbourne.


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