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THE WINDOW OUTSIDE (by Belinda Lopez)
Explores end-of-life choices, living and dying with dignity, is a love story that neither age nor illness can dampen.
WINNER Melb Writers Theatre Award 2012

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THE WINDOW OUTSIDE is the story of Frank and Evelyn, their two daughters Sharon and Miranda and how as a family they negotiate a sometimes funny but tender pathway of ageing, illness and end of life choices.

With actors Ian Rooney, Carrie Moczynski, Liz Connors and Antonia Mochan. Directed by Mish McNamara.

THE WINDOW OUTSIDE shines a light on voluntary assisted dying laws and contributes to an important conversation on the need for new approaches to end of life care to include existential care – a conversation that engages at a deep level the complexity of irremediable existential suffering due to profound medical conditions, in a non-palliative-care setting—a conversation on liberty and personal choice, that if liberty and personal choice have any meaning, we should all have a right to decide for ourselves the best way to manage our end of life.

Touring October 2019 Vic Seniors Festival. Endorsed by Dying with Dignity Victoria.

We invite you to join us and support the conversation.

THE WINDOW OUTSIDE was the winner of the 2012 Melbourne Writers Theatre Award (MWT) with a showcase season produced by MWT and La Mama at the Carlton Courthouse to standing ovations.

“…opens up a discussion on so many controversial issues including euthanasia, assisted-care living…living life with dignity…” (Australian Stage 2012).

“Delicately funny, cleverly truthful and beautifully told” (Theatre Press 2012).

After several rewrites and workshopping THE WINDOW OUTSIDE will now have its Australian Premiere in October at the 2019 Victorian Senior’s Festival.
Donations will be used to cover touring costs and transporting the set and equipment while on tour.

Our funding campaign will run 15 July to 30 September.

The end result will be a beautifully crafted production that faithfully portrays a family living with high-level non-palliative medical conditions including dementia; that raises questions and challenges beliefs; that contributes to the public and political debate on end of life choices; that captures a love story between an elderly couple that neither age nor illness can dampen.

The production includes touring to Melb, Geelong, Kingston and West Gippsland venues; Q&A Forums facilitated by Dying with Dignity Victoria at each venue, an Opening Night Reception hosted by Dying with Dignity with key guest speaker Dr. Rodney Symes (an advocate for voluntary assisted dying for over 40 years).

The production is suitable for ages 15+ including seniors, the elderly, health care and medical professionals, community health care networks, health educators, members of parliament, supporters of voluntary assisted dying (VAD).

For full details go to: www.wiseowltheatre.com.au

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Wise Owl Theatre is a new Melbourne-based independent theatre company comprising an ensemble of professional theatre practitioners including Liz Connors (Artistic Director), Ian Rooney (Actor), Carrie Moczynski (Actor), Antonia Mochan (Actor), Mish McNamara (Director) and Jason Bovaird (Lighting Designer/Production Manager).

Liz Connors, Founder and Artistic Director of Wise Owl Theatre, has a professional career spanning 30 years as an actor, director, movement coach and actor trainer. She has trained in Canada, England, New York and Australia with qualifications from La Trobe University, Lancaster University, London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art (LAMDA) and the University of Melbourne (VCA) including Shakespeare, physical theatre skills, LABAN Movement Analysis, the Williamson Technique (NY) and Actor Training Methodologies (VCA). She has performed such classics as Shirley in Willy Russell’s one-woman play “Shirley Valentine”, Oriel in Tim Winton’s “Cloudstreet”, Lindsey in Hannie Rayson’s “Life after George”, the Countess in Shakespeare’s “All’s Well that Ends Well” and Nell in Caryl Churchill’s “FEN” to name a few. TV and film credits include Neighbours, It’s A Date, The Caretaker (Tom Conyers Director) and Walk the Talk (Dreamworks/21st Century Fox, Shirley Barrett Director).

For more information go to www.wiseowltheatre.com.au

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