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The Studio is a new incubator model which connects the creative industries with technology and provides a range of education programs that support the further development of creative companies and their innovation. 

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The Studio fosters and supports new enterprises in the creative/media tech space. This support is a mix of incubator services; business and education programs; mentoring and advice; facilities that support creative-tech initiatives such as test devices, green screens, studio and editing facilities; events and networking activities; and introductions to investors.

The Studio is focused on supporting the next generation of Australian creative industries businesses using technology and engaging globally. These businesses will help grow and future proof the creative sectors in Australian.

The Studio is building a global network of similar creative incubators and hubs, with outreach well under way.

The Studio can support 140 full-time residents in the incubator, additionally we have 2,500 members in our meetup group.

Donations will be used to purchase:
1. black curtain and rail for our Green Screen Studio
2. the installation of an Epson projector, speakers and audio equipment for our event space
3. stackable chairs for our event space
4. security doors and a security system for two doors
5. funding for an expert in residence for a 6 month period
6. assist in paying staff salaries for a 6 month period


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The Studio has a unique opportunity to impact Australia’s role in the media and creative industries on a local and global stage. Our impact will be cultural as well as economic. The Studio is an incubator that opened in March 2018 in the Sydney Startup Hub fostering Australian tech startup and scaleup companies to create global businesses, products and services across the media, entertainment, games, music, design and creative industries. The Studio helps companies flourish, creating new jobs, skills and knowledge as well as new business models and types of content. Connections are essential for business growth and The Studio will help create new linkages between startups in the sector, global media and technology companies, Universities and importantly, investors. As the media industry is in significant disruption, The Studio also plays an important role assisting established business to re-invent themselves to better meet the needs of a changing technology driven world.


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