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The Spectator by Matei Visniec

Charsoo Theatre is taking its second major production on stage during 14-23 September 2018 at Darlinghurst Theatre. The play called The Spectator is written by Matei Visniec, a renowned writer from Romania.

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Charsoo Theatre, as part of its mission is taking its second major production on stage which is a play called The Spectator by Matei Visniec and directed by Ali Shadkami.

The team has been rehearsing the play since early 2018 and will be performing during 14-23 September 2018.

The broader target audience of this play will be all Sydney residents (as the play will have an English) but in particular will target the Persian speaking community in Sydney.

The play is our contribution to bring all people living in Sydney closer together, regardless of their language and cultural background. We are asking for the cost of venue hire which is in excess of $15,000 for the 4 nights we have hired it for.

The donations will be spent towards paying part of our venue hire. We will use the excess money (if any) towards our nest projects. Please see our social media to find out about The Spectator and Charsoo.


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Charsoo Theatre Group is founded by a group of Iranian expats in Sydney all coming with various professional backgrounds, The group’s ultimate aim is to show their passion for theatre and share their experience as migrants through performing arts as well as empower and grow the Iranian community across NSW and beyond.

Charsoo is dedicated to producing quality performances from Persian playwrights as well as international masterpieces.

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