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The Right

Strong women, strong dance, strong politics.

Exploring the madness of modern politics through the lens of contemporary dance and Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring.

Days Left

You’ll never see politics or the Rite in the same way again

The Right will premiere over 4 nights during the Melbourne Fringe Festival 2019

Presented by Fine Lines, an all-female juggernaut of intergenerational dancers (35-80 years), The Right will keep you on a knife edge during this supercharged, unapologetic, crossing of the floor. Strap on your best pollie tie and review your how to vote cards. You’ll never see politics or the Rite in the same way again.

Fine Lines operates on a not-for-profit basis and is focused towards advocacy, visibility, representation and parity for people who resist mainstream expectations of dance and dancers. In an ageist society this is particularly important, especially in dance which is youth-centric, promotes ideal bodies and glorifies virtuosic technique.

Through this work, Fine Lines:
• advocates for changes perceptions in a ageist world
• challenges assumptions about older dancers
• is bold and uncompromising

Through its projects and ongoing activities, the members of Fine Lines fight oppressive and pervasive attitudes towards women. They challenge prevailing stereotypes and seek to create an alternative aesthetic in dance where older performers’ ideas and physicality contribute to a broader cultural conversation.

This advocacy work raises public awareness that older bodies can and do dance; can and do perform; and can do both well. This encourages and emboldens other mature dancers to re-engage or continue their lifelong learning through dance.

By supporting The Right, you will be helping Fine Lines to

– produce an exemplary artistic program for and by older dancers
– inspire others to dance as they continue to age
– advocate for dance by mature dancers, showing it can be provocative, skillful, engaging and interesting

Your donations will contribute to the production costs of The Right, from the cost of the space (Dancehouse) to the lighting design by Jamie Henson (Tap Dogs, MTC, STC, Queensland Opera, Arts Centre Melbourne).

We have raised 50% of the funds to date but need a bit more.

Free us from the worry of money and help us focus on the Art!

We will thank you by popping your name in the program and after the season, sending you a special link to the filmed work (filmed for archiving purposes and not to be publicly released).

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Dance has immense capacity as an artform for all bodies and all ages. It promotes creativity, community engagement, health and wellbeing. With an aging population and changes in health and social situation, the dance sector has a role to play in exciting individuals to move, connect and create.

Fine Lines aims to lead the way by producing an exemplary artistic program for and by older dancers, inspiring others to dance as they continue to age.

Fine Lines is a grass roots community of up to 50 mature dancers. Founded in 2013 by ex-professional dancer, Katrina May Rank, the community attracts dancers between 40 and 80 years of age, the majority in their 60’s.

Fine Lines is interested in sustaining lifelong artistic practice and making work that is provocative and conceptually clear. Members engage physically, critically, intellectually and creatively in contemporary dance practice and performance making as opportunities arise.

Fine Lines:

• is bold and uncompromising
• sees in each person a myriad of possibilities
• questions the use of the familiar and expected
• advocates for a change in perspective when considering the dancing body
• questions the boundaries and labels
• goes to extremes where necessary and unnecessary




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